Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two Faced Baby Worshipped As Goddess

An Indian baby has been born with a rare condition known as Craniofacial Duplication.

Ok, I am SO going to hell for this, but....

A baby born with two faces has been praised as being in good health, and is now being worshipped as a Hindu goddess.

I'm going somewhere with patient.

Indian couple Vinod and Sushma Kumar last month gave birth to one-month old daughter Lali - with the girl born with two faces.Technically, the girl has two sets of eyes, mouths and noses but however appears in otherwise good health according to Doctors.Her family says that Lali eats with both mouths, and also blinks in time across all four of her eyes.Doctors say the rare condition is known as craniofacial duplication - where most facial features are duplicated, except for the ears.Doctors say that the child is breathing properly, and appears to have no need for surgery to remove the 'second face'.

Meanwhile hundreds of locals have flocked to see baby Lali - believing her to be the reincarnation of a goddess....

There are uncanny paralells between this unfortunate infant and a celebrity who may have had (botched?) surgery to correct Craniofacial Duplication. All the signs are there: 1) Like baby Lali, she's worshipped as a goddess by members of a primitive culture, 2) hundreds have flocked to see her, just like they do baby Lali, and 3) she's often accused of being (continue by clicking here)


sandersonmom said...

If you are going to hell for that, so if everyone else reading this and laughing. Anyway, Hillary scares me, Baby Ali does not.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

But there's still hope for the Billary combo, thanks to the advances of modern science.