Friday, April 11, 2008

People Worth Reading, Part 2

A couple of months ago, I started posting links from Zebby's Libertarian Blog Place.
Here are a few more. My goal is to have all of these folks linked and into the blogroll within a year.
It ain't gonna happen. Oh well. That's why God invented the year after next.

The Austrian Economists are a group of living and breathing economists who know what they're talking about, and they've written the books to prove it. (The 1920's and 30's Austrian School of Economics, and this is a gross simplification, believed that government should stay out of the economy lest we get into situations like....the one we're in now. If I'm mistaken, I'm sure one of the five contributors to the AE site will soon beat me about the head and shoulders with a Clue Stick.)
Many of the articles go about 6 inches over my head. Almost everything in the comment fields goes over my head, because it's mostly students of these people trying to show off.
My favorite posts are the ones that Chris and Steve have done in defense of Wal-Mart. I've attempted that myself a few times, and it's lonely work. But these guys explain why Wal-Mart is like the Coast Guard instead of FEMA. They offer yet another rationale for Wal-Mart's eligibility for the Nobel Prize. And the next time I get into an argument about the merits of that particular company, these guys are getting a call.

Back To The Drawing Board is an interesting place, and I wish the author would put up an extended "About Me" link. After looking around there for a while, you want to know more about who put it all together.
You may have heard of Pascal's Wager - mathematician Blaise Pascal's theory that we should believe in God because we have everything to gain from that belief, and nothing to lose. Mr. Back To The Drawing Board makes a comparison to Pascal's Wager and Global Warming. Worth your attention. He's got an entire category devoted to Climate Change Skepticism.

Next is the Brit who runs Blognor Regis, who makes fascinating comparisons between Winston Churchill's warnings against the Fascist State and current problems with trash collectors. This would be funny if it weren't so typical. And I haven't watched it yet, but he links to a video of Mark Steyn speaking on multiculturalism. (Steyn is the journalist who got Canada's "MacLean's" magazine in trouble with the despicable Alberta Human Rights Commission.)

It's April, and I'm not even through browsing the sites that begin with a "B".
For the True Believers out there, Zebby's Libertarian Blog Place is like too much candy.

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