Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Law of Unintended Consequences is going to get this guy

This idjit in Arizona is sponsoring a bill that would blow the First Amendment all to pieces.

People who create or sell material that causes someone to commit a serious crime could be sued under a bill that faces a hearing today in the Arizona Legislature that is expected to draw a number of opponents from various industries.....House Bill 2660, which passed the House and will be debated in the Senate Judiciary Committee today, would make an individual or a company liable for civil damages if they produce, publish or distribute any dangerous or obscene materials that causes someone to commit an act of terrorism or a felony.

Rep. Warde Nichols, a Gilbert Republican who introduced the bill, said that for too long, the people creating or selling this type of material have not been held accountable. This bill would hit them in the pocketbook and serve as a deterrent, he said.

Here's some more info from Becky, The Girl in Short Shorts, Just Talking About Whatever....

House Bill 2660 would set up a three-part "test" that would allow juries to decide whether a book, movie, song or other media was a "cause" that prompted a convicted criminal to commit a crime. If it met the test, the jury could assess financial damages against the book's publisher, the movie's producer and/or the distributor on behalf of the crime victim.

Here's a situation that would make an interesting test case. A Chicago mother is charged with murdering her 6-year-old daughter. The little girl, Mom claims, was possessed by a demon. Granted, this bill is only in Arizona, the criminal case is in Illinois. But let's assume everything happens in Arizona.

I know which book taught me about demon possession.

If the mother is found guilty, can Bible publishers then be prosecuted?


sandersonmom said...

Ok, only because I was reading to catch up since I was out two days, but you believe you are going to Hell for the "Baby Ali" post and not blaspheming against the Bible in this one??

The Whited Sepulchre said...

The list of things I'm possibly going to hell for is longer than my arm.
But no, not I'm not blaspheming against the Bible. But I do get irritated when people hear God speaking only to them.

And I was honestly mistaken when I wrote this post.

I first learned of demon possession from the Koran. That's who the people in Arizona will sue. Koran publishers.