Monday, September 8, 2008

Barack Obama's Accomplishments In The U.S. Senate


Dr Ralph said...

I note this is identical to Bob Barr's accomplishments as a Libertarian, unlike his accomplishments as a Republican: advocating federal prohibition of medical marijuana, sponsoring the Defense of Marriage Act (opposing same-sex marriage), and voting for the Patriot Act, as well as proposing the Pentagon oppose the practice of Wicca in the military.

All good Libertarian stances.

Unfortunately you just happened to catch me as I caught you.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Hey, We're Baptists....

We're supposed to believe in the doctrine of Irresistible Grace, the idea that God chooses whoever he chooses. There's really not much we can do about it.

Dr Ralph said...

WS - I commend you for your originality in responding to my cut-and-paste responses. I was barely able to keep up with you.

In the interest of conserving energy (does this reveal conservative tendencies?) I'll limit any future responses to this post (unless provoked).

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I wouldn't commit to that. My goal is to have various dissidents come in here and testify about Obama's accomplishments.
I'm sure there will be those who dispute those accomplishments.

You'll be needed.

GO BOB BARR ! ! (The reformed whore, leading out the choir !)

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama has one spectacular accomplishment under his belt. He got the Democrat nomination despite never having done anything worthwhile in his entire life.

It's quite an achievement. Even Jimmy Carter grew some peanuts.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Surely there is someone out there who can list some Obama accomplishments in these comment fields. (See previous posts.) This has gotten tons of hits, but no one will list his accomplishments....

Dr Ralph said...

Finally, in answer to your question about Obama's accomplishments in the U.S. Senate, I present the following (heavily cribbed, as were the others, from wikipedia).

In 2005, Obama cosponsored the "Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act" introduced by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and in 2006, supported the Secure Fence Act, which authorized construction of security improvements along the United States–Mexico border.

The "Coburn-Obama Transparency Act" created a website listing all organizations receiving Federal funds from 2007 onward and provides breakdowns by the agency allocating the funds, the dollar amount given, and the purpose of the grant or contract (I would imagine this would be of particular interest to those of the Libertarian bent). Obama and Coburn also collaborated on efforts to end no-bid contracting in the aftermath of natural disasters like Katrina.

In the 110th Congress, Obama worked with Russ Feingold (D–WI) to eliminate gifts of travel on corporate jets by lobbyists to members of Congress and require disclosure of bundled campaign contributions under the "Honest Leadership and Open Government Act," which was signed into law in September 2007.

He joined Chuck Schumer in sponsoring a bill to criminalize deceptive practices in federal elections, including fraudulent flyers and automated phone calls.

He introduced the "Iraq War De-Escalation Act of 2007," a bill to cap troop levels in Iraq, begin phased redeployment, and remove all combat brigades from Iraq before April 2008, and sponsored with Kit Bond an amendment to the 2008 Defense Authorization Act adding safeguards for personality disorder military discharges.

He also sponsored a Senate amendment to the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to provide one year of job protection for family members caring for soldiers with combat-related injuries. After passing both houses of Congress with bipartisan majorities, SCHIP was vetoed by President Bush in early October 2007.

And now my work here is done.