Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't you hate it when people won't follow the script?

Here's former Democratic Presidential wannabe (and borderline libertarian) Mike Gravel, answering questions on Sarah Palin, being a mayor, Troopergate, and....gasp....who should be blamed for the Iraq war. Gravel also flirted with the Libertarian nomination this year but couldn't get any traction.

This is from a left-wing radio outlet called Pacifica. The last two minutes of this interview are priceless. Priceless. Remember, Gravel represented the Democrats in the Senate for two terms.

Wouldn't the world be more interesting if all of our politicians could say what they really thought?

A Bob Barr/Mike Gravel Libertarian ticket might be doing better than the current Barr/Wayne Root offering. Oh well.


Sew daze said...

This guy is looney! He does not support anyone...But blames everyone. Is that what a Libertarian is?

sandersonmom said...

Ouch. She is really pushing it isn't she Sensei???
she must have had a power outage last night.

West, By God said...

I still like the guy. He's loony as they come (kinda like Ron Paul in that regard) but he doesn't stay in line with political nonsense like everyone else.

He uses too much logic to be a successful politician though.

Sew daze said...

The state prison called me last night and asked me to lay off at about midnight.

Anonymous said...

This guy is priceless!! I have never even heard of him. However, he makes me want to yell"GO PALIN"
He just backed all of the positive things we have already heard about her. Even though he did not like her, he could not say anything against her. I love it.