Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kill The Bill

Michelle Malkin is live-blogging the giveaway package Bailout Bill.

Worth perusing every couple of hours.
A few thoughts I've had today....
I know a lot of people who have defaulted on their mortgages - mostly employees going through divorces, dealing with addictions, or other circumstantial reasons. But the number doesn't seem higher than usual. Where are all of these millions of people who are losing their homes? Do you know many?
Regarding the inevitability of the giveaway bailout....
1) The people on Wall Street clamoring for this bailout, are they friends and contributors to various Congressmen and Senators?
2) Have Wall Street and the banks succesfully lobbied government for tariffs, quotas, tax breaks, loopholes, and other freebies?
3) Will this bailout increase the power of government?
4) Will most Americans continue to vote the way they've always voted?
5) Was the 700 billion dollar figure arbitrarily pulled out of someone's nether regions? Do you believe it's merely the amount they think they can loot from the treasury?
6) Do you believe that we're merely refilling more Golden Parachutes?
If you answered YES to all these questions, but haven't written or emailed your representatives yet, please email me. I want you to invest in this nice Nigerian Lady's project to get some money out of Africa.
If you don't have strong opinions on these questions, don't worry about it. "Dancing With The Stars" and "American Idol" will be into their new seasons soon.
Regardless of our opinions, we can kiss that money goodbye. Check out the National Debt Counter to your right. It's spinning like mad.
That's nothing. It's going to be whirring around like the odometer on Haley's Comet.


Lisa said...

As I drive my children to school through the neighborhood that I lived in as a child I see blocks of these homes that have been abandoned or foreclosed. They have the aluminum siding stripped off of them and the copper piping is torn out too. As I walk my neighborhood streets I have noticed more homes that are empty and the stickers in the windows tell the story of foreclosures. They are listing some of these homes for three or four thousand dollars. It is so very sad.

Lisa said...

What is really scary is that this is what they are getting for 700 billion dollars. They should be touring some of these properties!!

sandersonmom said...

We just moved into our brand new home five years ago, in a relatively very kept neighborhood. Now that I walk our neighborhood, I see many homes on my street that have been abandoned. Many homes in the neighborhood next to ours, they have garage sales on the weekends to 'try to make ends meet'.

Lisa said...

I noticed this summer and fall that the garage sales are staying open on Sundays trying to pull in any extra income they can.

What really stands out to me is watching Paulson speak to congress the other day and making the slip about how they had been working on this for months. I want to know what he meant by that. How long have they known or what are they really up to? It's pretty bad when you reach this level of distrust for your government. Bush makes Nixon look like an angel.