Thursday, September 18, 2008

A moment of silence, please....

Please take a break from your normal activities to mourn the absence of The Dreaded Fembuttx from our lives.
She has been an unrestrained Serial Commenter on these pages from the beginning. For examples of her handiwork, check out my two previous posts. Banish small children from the room.
She is the only Caption Contest competitor to ever be banished to the next league.
She is leaving my employer to work in the Customer Service department of another company, one that manufactures Ventilation Hoods for kitchens.

Considering her skills at Blowing Smoke, she should do well there.


sandersonmom said...

She will be missed very much! I hope to see her again, she keeps it real. Love you fembuttx.

Sew daze said...

I am now satisfied. Even though the great one was "too busy" to have a last meal with me....I hope he will be able to toss back a couple of mint juleps...You Mississippi son of a crocodile's butt.