Saturday, October 25, 2008

The 10 Best Things For Libertarians About The Upcoming Obama Presidency

Ok, it's time to start looking for the upside in having a Democrat president with a Democrat congress. There really could be one. Somewhere. If you look really hard.
Here are the 10 best things for Libertarians about the upcoming Obama presidency:

10. Reduced influence of the religious right. Amen.
9. Slightly better chance of drug law reform. The war on drugs is costing us an incredible amount of human capital.
8. Speaking of issues "owned" by the democrats....they have long advocated gay and lesbian civil unions, if not marriage rights. The democrats will have the presidency, Congress, a mandate, and no more excuses.
7. We have troops stationed in more than 100 countries. Most of these countries aren't 10 trillion dollars in debt, and are quite capable of providing their own defense. Perhaps the new democratic majority will question the wisdom of this situation. The democrats will have the presidency, Congress, a mandate, and no more excuses.
6. Maybe with a new administration in place, I can finally get my first economic stimulus check. I didn't ask for an economic stimuls check, my grandchildren will have to foot the bill for my economic stimulus check, but it might restore some of my faith in government if the treasury could write and sign and mail my economic stimulus check. (I hope they send it FedEx, not U.S. mail.)
5. Obama will have proven that the highest office in the land is open to a racial minority, which might hasten the end of all racial and gender based hiring and contracting quotas. Discrimination is bad, regardless of intentions.
4. There is no way that another president can add another 5 trillion dollars to the national debt in just 8 years. Not possible.
3. Hillary won't be able to run for another eight years. For this reason alone, we should erect larger-than-life statues of Barack Obama in every courthouse square in the nation.
2. For decades republicans have been campaigning as small government conservatives, but they've spent far more money than their predecessors. The more of them we immediately vote out of office, the better off we are.
1. The republican faction of the BiPartisans is almost totally discredited. They were handed a perfect opportunity to reduce the size of government, and they blew it. They were supposed to be the faction of increased economic freedom and personal responsibility. So they've socialized the banks and given billions to their irresponsible cronies. Go figure.
The democratic faction of the BiPartisans will now have a chance to increase personal freedoms, a stance they've long advocated. Chances are, they won't change anything. Obama claims to like Free Trade. Chances are, he won't change anything.
So maybe, just maybe, after another four years of BiPartisan rule, voters will be ready to give a 2nd party a chance in four more years.

Go Bob Barr.


Nick M said...

Interesting post.

9. Don't count on it. This is politics right? You know how that works don't you? For every liberal thing you must do a popularist authoritarian thing.

5. Don't count on it.

fembuttx said...

1. I was stimulated several times this summer. Never by the government, never delivered by US mail always by a very hunky 6'2" UPS man!! Go Brown!!