Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Best That I Could Do

Today the Star-Telegram is supposed to feature this site in an article about political blogs.
I have no idea what angle they're going to take.

So if there are a lot of new people dropping in today, let me show you a few things so you'll have a general idea about what goes on here......

Here's a link to the Tarrant County Libertarian Meetup. My friend John Spivey runs the group, and it's the best way to learn more about the Libertarian Party and meet a lot of great people.
Here's a link to the Tarrant County Libertarian Party Website.

The following are links to the most popular things I've ever typed.

I've made five trips to China, and many of these next posts began their life as emails to friends and co-workers. Here's what it's like over there if your car hits a dog.
Here's what it's like in China if your washer/dryer is possessed by Satan and won't release your laundry.
Here's what it's like over there if your driver gets lost while driving you through a Typhoon.

I haven't written the one yet about getting intestinal parasites. The memories are too painful.

Lots of borderline heretical religious opinions are explored on this site. (I totally despise the influence of politics in religion and vice-versa.) Here's a representative sample called "Teaching Truth As Fact".
Here's a rant brought forth by Fox News Commentator Cal Thomas claiming that Barack Obama isn't a Christian.
If you make it that far, you may wonder if The Whos Really Can Hear Horton.
(If you found these posts even remotely interesting, opinions like these are tolerated every Sunday morning at 9:30 in room 306 at Broadway Baptist Church, just south of downtown Fort Worth. I'm in a class called "Exploring The Christian Faith". We have Deists, Theists, Apostates, and even a few traditional Baptists who meet there. If you think you've given up on the Christian Church, come give us a try. Sometime around Thanksgiving, we'll begin reading Why Christianity Must Change Or Die by John Shelby Spong. Great stuff.)

I run the shipping/freight operation for a Fort Worth manufacturing company. We have a safety consultant. One night I started wondering what would happen if jihadist martyrs had safety consultants. This is the result. I hope you enjoy it. Our safety consultant didn't.

One of the fundamentals of libertarianism is a respect for basic Human Rights. Here's my post for "Blog For Human Rights Day". It's the only thing you'll ever read that combines Norman Rockwell paintings with atrocity photographs.

Here's a test you can take on the subject of Global Warming. When you're finished with that, hit the label at the bottom for Al Gore. I'm obsessed with the guy, and my friend Dr. Ralph thinks I need to find a new boogeyman. But read this one about America's Richest Vice President. (Hint: it's not Nelson Rockefeller.)

Brent Rinehart, an Oklahoma County Roads supervisor, recently mailed out a gay-bashing campaign comic book to the voters in his district. It's one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen, and I don't mean that as a compliment.

Here's a post about the song "Dixie", and my great aunt Libba, and Confederate Memorial Day.

My first NASCAR race.

Here's an unlikely analogy that holds up well.

I believe that Jerry Jones, owner of The Dallas Cowboys Football Team, is one of the tragic figures of our age. He wants to be known as a football guy, not a finance guy. But he's only won Superbowls with Jimmy Johnson as coach - therefore Jimmy gets the credit, which is how it should be. Jerry Jones and the City Of Arlington have used Eminent Domain laws to build a monument to.....Jerry Jones. And as of November 1, 2008, the Cowboys are stinking up the field. Which is how it should be.

I hope you enjoy these. Hope you like the site. Check out the other bloggers in the column to your right. I think I've got a category for just about everybody.

And one other thing.....

Go Bob Barr ! ! ! !


Aurora said...

"Why Christianity Must Change or Die". How arrogant. Do you think that the west represents the whole world? In China alone, there are 10,000 people a day converting to Christianity, whilst in repressive Iran, it's the fastest growing religion. And in the Middle East as a whole there are 6 million a year converting from Islam to Christianity.
In a number of African countries, Christianity is the majority religion, around 95% in a couple of them
As a matter of fact, worldwide Christianity is the fastest growing religion

You mention that you attend a church, and that you are even a leader there. I would respectfully suggest you search your heart because your kind of faith isn't going to stand the test.

fembuttx said...

After that last comment, I guess I will keep mine to myself...I did like the one about Rickle...YOu should update the memo referencing the senseless fire in the metal shop.

I am surprised, I counted 1527 words, and no mention of me, your nemesis.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Believe it or not, it's good to hear from you again.
I'm not a leader at any church.

If you look at the history of Christianity, you'll see that it has always changed. The most dramatic changes were between year zero and A.D. 200. I hope you'll check out the Spong book.

Why mention my nemesis when I can always count on her to do it for me????

Tor Hershman said...

Bob Dylan is one of the finest lyricists to parody as moi did with
“The Times They Ain’t A-Changin’”

“Pretend you’re a sweet Christian, pretend you’re a hurt Jew
Pretend you’re a Buddhist or Satanist, too
At end you ain’t nothin’ but DNA goo.”

Here is how the 'one god' concept REALLY began.

BTW on the same profile you can also view “The Origin of Jesus Christ” if you REALLY want to know the AWFUL facts.

Stay on groovin’ safari,
Tor Hershman

Jonestein said...

WS - You gave the wrong(old) link to the Tarrant County website. The new one is:

Jonestein said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonestein said...

Aurora - What an incredibly weak argument for Christianity, "it's popular, therefore it must be good and true!" That's like saying American Idol is quality television just because so many idiots watch it. Or the National Enquirer is a pillar of journalistic integrity because of it's wide circulation.

Sweet Jesus, give me a break!

Try reading Thomas Paine's "Age of Reason" for a really good take on Christianity.

Gar said...

Wow. You should somehow sticky that post for all newcomers to read. It's a virtual cornucopia of good information.

How these folks turned it into a religious argument is beyond me. It's why I always say, "Religion is the root of all evil".

Back before there was one true God, did the Greeks and Romans ever kill each other over whether Venus was prettier than Aphrodite?

Just call me Mr. Lemming. Except I don't feel like putting in a dozen links. What’s with that anyway?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links WS, I've read some of your post, but finally got all the goodies you offer.

Religions evolve Aurora, want me to send you a well researched paper I wrote a semester ago about this subject? Actually, I think I'll write a post about how a church can actually challenge itself without all those tricky words like 'evolve' 'adapt' and 'gradual cumulative selection'. I know those words make you cringe ;)

Francis Shivone said...

I think you have great site.

I will never understand the people who send the, "Why are you such an idiot" comments. I do not the mind the, "I disagree, here's why" comment, but I wonder what kind of person feels the need to call out the blogger for having an opinion and a life that matches the opinion.

My reply to my last name caller was to give him my phone number so that we could arrange for a time for him to call me out in person. Haven't heard from him since.

Not exactly cheek turning I know but they annoy me.

Anonymous said...

Aurora - The arrogance of Christianity -- like there is no other religion in the world. Please! Keep up the great work WS!!