Thursday, November 20, 2008

Suzette Watkins, Candidate For Fort Worth City Council, District 8, May 2009

Suzette Watkins, occasional commenter on these pages, is a candidate for Fort Worth City Council, District 8. Please, please, please, hit the link and get back to me.

She writes the Morning Coffee, Evening Wine blog, and I don't know anyone who cares more about the East Side than Suzette.

Here's something I wrote about her back in June: Suzette at Morning Coffee, Evening Wine generally raises hell and rolls stumps under it. All the time. East Fort Worth is a better place with her living here. I'm not even bothering to link to a specific post. Suzette grabs an issue, writes emails, takes pictures, picks up the phone, and changes things. Hit that link a year from now, and she'll be doing the same thing about a different problem.

Here's Tarrant County Libertarian Guy, from a recent email: "She (Suzette) was recently escorted out of a public meeting by four police officers under threat of arrest for basically attending a "Town Hall Meeting". Even Ms. Watkins' political adversaries have stated that the incumbent, Kathleen Hicks, and her functionaries have gone too far. Suzette Watkins, as you can tell by the article, is not one to avoid upsetting political applecarts in her quest for transparent government, fiscal responsibility and tolerance. Her straight shooting has ruffled a few feathers and she has shown a light where needed. Check out her website; - and from there you can check out her blog too..."

Here's the Fort Worth Weekly's account of the unpleasantness that went down at the recent Town Hall Meeting.
Here's Suzette's Meetup Group.
And here's an invitation for Suzette to email me anything she wants to have posted here, once a week, until the election in May of 2009.

And here's how to send Suzette a campaign contribution ! Hit this link !

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Suzette Watkins said...

WOW! Just seeing this while showing a friend your blog...(the picture of Obama with Hillary's hair)! He laughed out loud for 5 minutes!! It was great!

Thank you WS for this post. I got a $50 dollar donation today from someone reading the FW Weekly article!! I'm lovin it!