Sunday, January 18, 2009 is now shocked ! ! ! ! ! !

The earnest chin-stroking Left-wingers at are SHOCKED. Shocked, I say !! ....when they discover that "[the President-elect's] support of the bank bailout is payback to his wealthy Wall Street supporters."

He had wealthy Wall Street supporters? I thought his campaign was paid for with $4.37 (average) contributions from retired seamstresses, gay orphans, and the people who pick up trash on the side of the highway because they have a vision of everything America could be.

What is going on here? I mean, the Salon editorial is very well written, but..but...but....


Anonymous said...

God help them once they figure out the new President has less political experience than Dan Quayle did when he became VP.

Dr Ralph said...

And the pissing and moaning has begun.

Believe me, after 8 years of putting up with the likes of George W. Bush and his ilk, it's music to my