Monday, May 4, 2009

The Hypocrisy Of Barack And Michelle Obama

Here's Reason magazine, on the sheer hypocrisy of Barack and Michelle Obama.

In a truly civilized society, leaving a son or daughter in the Washington D.C. public schools would qualify as a form of child abuse.
The parents would be arrested.

Barack and Michelle Obama are sending their daughters, Sasha and Malia, to Sidwell friends, an elite private D.C. school.
He has supported the teachers' unions in ending a popular voucher problem that allowed 1,700 low income students to do the same thing at a little more than half the amount being spent per student in the public school system ! ! !

When the Clintons sent Chelsea to a private school, I remember one of their spokesmuppets sniffing that "It was a personal choice".

Here's a subject for further research: How far down the chain in the Obamessiah's Department Of Education does one have to go before finding an administrator who has kids in the D.C. public schools?


Dr Ralph said...

One question, after which I expect all debate on this witless topic to cease:

Did he pay with vouchers, or did he pay out of his own pocket?

Because if he paid out of his own pocket, you have the right to do that too.

Move along, citizens. Nothing more for you to see.

Linus said...

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The Whited Sepulchre said...

He paid out of his own pocket, but also contributed out of his own pocket to the D.C. school system.

Many of those who pay into the D.C. school system would like to direct it via the familiar "designated funds" concept of charitable giving. They would like to specify how their money is used. In this case, for a better product for much less money.

Who would be helped? The families and students who get to attend better schools.

who would be harmed? Only the usual suspects.

Dr Ralph said...

Sooo...He paid for private school out of his own pocket, and contributed out of his own pocket to the D.C. school system, too.

And this makes him a hypocrite?

I could see the germ of a charge to call him one if he sent his kids to a private school but somehow managed to dodge taxes to support public schools by vouchering out somehow.

Just to be clear, that's not what's being claimed here, is it?

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Actually Dr. Ralph, that's not the point really. If you viewed the video, the idea here is, children were benefitting from being able to choose their school. As you've heard us say time and time again, because it's true, is that everything is better with competition.

Obama, due to his stature and standing, has chosen to pay to send his daughters to private school. That's not a big deal, other than the symbolic middle finger to the crumbling schools in DC. That's not the big deal though.

The big deal is that vouchers awarded to the caring parents of children forced into the zoos otherwise known as DC schools... these vouchers could afford them the same advantages as the children of The President of the United States of America.

Here are some facts: DCPS spends $26,555 per student. According to this video, they got about $8K in a voucher. So, I say, the DCPS is shorting the voucher recipients, $18,665. Be that as it may, Mercedes' mom chose an apparently wonderful school which has helped make the young lady featured in this video a real success story.

Cost of Georgetown Visitation School, a school that features the top faculty, equipment and curriculum???

$20,600. So, this lady is either out $12,600, or has financial aid, scholarships, loans, etc. But it's worth it. Now, thanks to this "Agent of Change" will soon change this benefit to this individual student a benefit to the Teacher's Union and USDOE.

This embarrassment is lost on almost everyone who thinks the USDOE is good since 'it's for the kids'. The fact that this private school can be run in expensive Georgetown for $6K less per student is a nice testament (but does not definitively prove) our argement. The fact that Mercedes' mom is willing to do almost anything humanly possible to get her bright daughter into a school that would allow her to blossom DOES prove our point.

THAT'S the real story. Allen, am I right? Is that what you meant?

The Whited Sepulchre said...

What TLG said.

Plus, B&M Obama have enriched themselves by milking the system (more on that later).
To hell with who is harmed by the system.

As caretakers of the system, their primary goal is to protect it and those who benefit from it, regardless of how irrational some of the choices may seem.

Good for thee, but not for me is the motto.