Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nancy Pelosi's lips are moving


TarrantLibertyGuy said...

She uses her hands like a rapper...

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques is what they settled on. Some other euphamisms that didn't stick:

- Torture Lite (Now, with 30% fewer actual deaths!)

- Kill-U-not

- "Come to Isa Meeting"

- The Gitmo Watery Hickory Switch

Dr Ralph said...

She may be my idiot, but she's still an idiot.

Wait, that came out wrong.

I know you'll find this shocking, but I don't have much use for Nancy Pelosi (or Dianne Feinstein, for that matter). Still, I have a grudging admiration for her toughness and formidable political instincts, especially considering she's managed to (arguably) become the 3rd most powerful person in the Federal Government, and in the ultimate good ol' boys club, at that.

You expect saints as politicians?

Since when?