Friday, June 19, 2009

To my gay and lesbian friends

How is that "Hope" and "Change" thing working out for you? Have you noticed a huge improvement since The Teleprompter Jesus began dwelling among us? I didn't think so.

Remember all the carping about THE FIERCE MORAL URGENCY OF NOW ???

A few proposals can be found here and here.

Here's the money quote from the Andrew Sullivan link:

One way to get the Obama administration's attention on civil rights is for gay people to stop funding the Democrats. That's all these people care about anyway when it comes to gays: our money.

The Libertarians are different, of course. We support your rights on principle, not because you're a dependable constituency.

And we don't have any money.

But let us know if you get tired of throwing money down the DNC money pit.

Yet another coat of whitening to Instapundit for the links.


fembuttx said...

And you dont have any pretty colors in your rainbow.

NickM said...

I read the Sullivan piece linked.

Some people are so naive.

It's quite sad. The entire attraction the Dems have over ginger bears is that they like to portray the Republicans as being the sort of folk who will immediately insist gays wear pink triangles prior to the round-ups.

You are quite right WS. The Libertarians are the only party that homosexuals should support. The same goes for blacks, whites, straights, hispanics... Because the Libs treat people as people and not "target demographics"

Anyway. I read this with a horrible feeling of vindication. I knew Obama would dissapoint all the "groups" he set out to champion. When Oprah turns on him - that's when it the feeling of Great Betrayal starts in earnest.

Dr Ralph said...

I'm not ready to abandon the party yet, but I'll freely acknowledge this is one area the Democrats are being chicken-shits. I'd wager a guess as to why (because they can, given the Republican alternative), but that doesn't excuse their behavior.

Even though the Libertarians may be on the right side of this issue, I'd like to see them spend half as much time talking and rabble-rousing on this subject as they do on taxes, and whether you can smoke in bars.

I will say any gay Republican who doesn't at least seriously consider the Libertarians as an option is out of his or her mind.

To NickM I'd say, of course Obama's going to disappoint, given the Messianic role some have assigned to him. I was a Hillary supporter, so I never expected him to walk on water. Better than McCain? You bet. The Second Coming? Mmmm...not
so much.

NickM said...

"I was a Hilary supporter".

I'm hearing that one everywhere.

The fundamental point is that no body (and this applies in Merry Olde England too) has the balls to climb the last hill over homosexuality (tortous and possibly obscene metaphor but bear with me).

It was a typical NeuArbeit feck-up to institute civil partnerships rather than do the sensible thing and make it exactly the same as a marriage.

Oh, there will be terrible missives to the Daily Mail (probs about the effect on house prices) but who cares?

I mean who the hell cares? I'm a married heterosexual male and I utterly fail to see how gay marriage would threaten my marriage. Has anyone ever made a reasoned case for that scenario?

Two blokes get done up in their best bib and tucker and cut a cake and certain sections of the community think this is heralding the end of days. I don't. It's just a good day for tailors, florists, caterers, car-hire firms etc.

Gay marriage is the stimulus we need!

It's like the demented "discussion" a few years ago about gays in the military. Does anyon hunkered down in a foxhole in Helmand give a toss about whether or not the guy next to them is a friend of Dorothy when a collection of bearded lunatics start firing AK-47s in their general direction. I think not.

Dr Ralph said...

NickM -- you are right to chide for the "I was a Hillary supporter," but despite the fact that I was a Hillary supporter, I *did* vote for Obama, and I *do* find the Democrats' current behavior chicken-shit. And to be honest, I doubt Hillary would have done much better.

So there you are: mea culpa.

As to the Libertarians, I'd feel a lot more convinced about their claims if I saw a few more of them protesting Definition of Marriage legislation instead of hanging out with Rick Perry and Sean Hannity at Tea-bagging parties.

But that's just me.