Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Humble Libertarian

Here's another Libertarian Blog for your bookmarking pleasure: The Humble Libertarian. Mr. Humble offers us liberty-oriented wallpaper for your desktop. Go here for the complete set (it's worth it).

Here's another curiosity I found on Mr. Humble's site. This is a deleted scene from the Star Wars epic. I'll go ahead and print The Money Quote (at the 2:45 mark on the video):

"What good's all your uncle's work if the Empire takes it over? You know they've already started to nationalize commerce in the central systems? It won't be long before your uncle is just a tenant, slaving for the greater glory of the Empire."

Luke's friend obviously doesn't understand that the Empire had to nationalize commerce, healthcare, the X-wing fighter industry, and the Big 3 Detroit Droid Makers because of "the failed economic policies of the past 8 years".

The Humble Libertarian also writes well, BTW. Go here to read his warning about the new medical marijuana policy.

So many great blogs. So little time.

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