Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bud Kennedy on The Tea Party Protester.

Bud Kennedy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has an article in yesterday's paper about the Libertarian Party, the Tea Party movement, and the 9/12 project.

The political "Newcomer of the Year" must be the Tea Party protester.

But when you peek behind the new "Don’t Tread on Me" flags, some of the local Tea Party and 912 Project groups are looking more like the same old political factions.

When you sign up for e-mail from the supposedly nonpartisan Common Sense Texans network of Tea Party members, you’re giving your address to a Dallas Republican lawyer and social-networking-campaign expert who has been an activist for private-school vouchers.

Note to Bud: Almost everyone I know in East Fort Worth is an activist for private-school vouchers. If Barack Obama had a typical Eastside income, he too would be an activist for private-school vouchers.

Turns out I’m not the only person who’s leery of these fake grassroots activist groups sprouting on every block.

Robert Butler is the new state Libertarian Party executive director. He sounded frustrated Tuesday.

"The Libertarians started this thing, and now Republicans want to get ahead of the parade and take it over," Butler said by phone from Austin.

"Their brand name is held in such disregard that they’ve started marketing under the Tea Party banner. Then, behind the scenes, their organizers are getting in there and co-opting the Tea Parties."

Hit the link at the top to read Bud's entire column, with more Robert Butler quotes.

I've had many fine moments related to this website, but one of the best was when I ran into Bud at a 9/12 meeting a few weeks ago. We'd met a couple of times before, but hadn't talked much. I re-introduced myself, and Bud said "Oh yeah. The Whited Sepulchre."

You have to understand....Bud Kennedy is a big deal in Fort Worth. I'm not.

Anyway, the remainder of Bud's article makes note of the strange bedfellows, many who have sworn that they'll never vote for another Republicrat, who are trying to find a way to oppose the Chicago Machine currently looting the treasury. Very difficult when the Crips and Bloods have a stranglehold on the ballot access and debate mechanisms.

If you want some more info on the uneasy alliance between the Fort Worth Libertarians, the 9/12'ers, the Tea Partiers, the Campaign For Liberty folks, and the Republicans Party others, well, I might be the only person who has been to every rally and lived to type about it. If you don't mind wading through my schtick, you can go here to read the Top 10 signs that some of these refugee Republicans might not really be Libertarians, and the Top 10 reasons that members of another party (ahem...) might soon join our ranks.

Here's some hand-wringing I did about the Tarrant County Libertarian Party being invited to participate in a 9/12 rally. The butt-whoopin' I took in the comment field (from across the political spectrum) is worth noting.

Here are our folks in the 9-12 parade.

This is an account of the Tea Party rally held at LaGrave Field in Fort Worth. I've since become friends with the local businessman mentioned in the post. Adrian Murray. He's good folks.

And this one is about the original Fort Worth Tea Party, thrown together back in February.

Ok, everybody, take a deep breath and remember this: Our enemy's enemy is our friend.


Adrian Murray said...


The biggest problem with Kennedy's article is that it is completely wrong. Ken Emanuelson, who I know very well, is as anti-Republican Party as you can get, sometimes to my frustration. The Dallas Tea Party refuses to have anything to do with GOP incumbents or candidates. What their individual members to is up to them but the DTP is certainly not a fundraising arm of the Republican Party.
The problem with Bud Kennedy is that he thinks he know what he is talking about but he doesn't. I'd clue him in but it's too hilarious watching him trip all over his uninformed biases. As you know, the Fort Worth 912 group recently announced a strategy to work with the LP, the RP and other 912/Tea Party groups to field candidates who support conservative causes. I have told Republicans to back off on social issues if they want Libertarian support. We can't afford to split the vote and get more liberal Democrats elected. If it makes sense to throw our support behind Libertarian candidates, that's what we'll do. If it makes sense to support Republicans, we'll do that. We all need to work together in 2010 or Libertarian/Republican debates about the Constitution will cease to have any relevancy since the Constitution will cease to exist. This is a pretty damned serious time in US history and we all need to set aside differences and come together. We can pick the debate back up in Dec 2010.

Anonymous said...

"The problem with Bud Kennedy is that he thinks he know what he is talking about but he doesn't."

Well said Adrian. His mind is so made up already, that it's like a steel trap and certainly not open to anything. He's accused me of all kinds of fear-mongering, (being concerned about the current political administration) but I just tell him I don't want to be one of those people who wake up one day and wonder "What the hell happened?"

Too bad so many people take his word as gospel.

Cheri Morgan

Dr Ralph said...

"Our enemy's enemy is our friend?"

Boy are you in for a world of hurt some day. I promise not to say I told you so.

On a completely different topic, Happy New Year!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Adrian, Cheri,
If Ken is the attorney in question, then you are correct. At least as far as the Facebook stuff goes (that's been my only contact with him, as far as I know.) We've both linked to a lot of the same articles and videos.

The Democrats have now formally voted to re-segregate the Washington D.C. schools. Will post more on it later. Are you in favor of this, or are you continuing to hold your nose and support The One True Prophet? (So far, I think the D.C. Voucher Program is the only Federal initiative that Obama doesn't like.)

Anyway....HAPPY NEW YEAR !

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Sorry for the slow commenting here, but I think Bud Kennedy knows what he's talking about. Providing we're talking about Cheeseburger reviews and Menu postings from local greasy spoons. This is typcial 'divide and conquer'. Let's not let this divide.

I'll look forward to speaking at your next event on the 11th. We can work together folks.

And by the way, Adrian, you are DEAD RIGHT about stop beating to death all of the social issues. Interesting, when we start creeping back around due to all that sweet sweet 'fiscal conservativsm music from those sirens on those rocks near the shore'.... we start to paddle over and then somebody throw some gay bashing, anti-medical marijuana idiocy out there that gets us to put up the sails and sail away. Along with enough voters to install Obama into office.

I can't say it enough. It's the ONLY - 100% ONLY ONLY reason we have such a threat of socialized healthcare (almost a certainty at this point)...