Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Y2.1K Crisis

Remember the hoopla about Y2K?
Remember the panic?
Well, have you done anything, anything at all to prepare your family for the Y2.1K crisis?

I have no idea what form it will take, or what the problem will be. But when it hits?
For a few glorious moments, I'm going to be the #1 Google search result for it.

Y2.1K - Hysteria, panic, and another reason for a massive government intervention.
You heard it here first.

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Anonymous said...

Well done .. you got me in! ;)

Anonymous said...

You know, in Windows computers the year is represented by a number between 0 and 255, which indicates the number of years after 1980. The year 2000 is represented by 20, for example. The problem is that the biggest number possible is 255, which represents the year 2235.
in 2236, we are going to have a big problem with Windows dates. I call this the Y2.236K crisis. See