Sunday, February 14, 2010

Climate Change journalism outsourced to the U.K.

I recently vowed not to write any more about the Climate Change Scam, figuring I could content myself with sitting back and watching the thing die a lonely miserable death.  (The U.S. mainstream media has apparently taken a similar vow.  But go to almost any British newspaper site, and you'll see that they're all over it.  Some are downplaying the significance of the scandals, but some are ripping the lid off the thing.  James Delingpole, in particular.) 

But enough about the problems of the U.S. State-controlled media.....  Here are three of my favorite British ranters, on why it isn't a good idea to destroy manufacturing, trucking and agriculture because of some of the sloppiest science in history (or since the last witch-finders died.)  Because of long-standing tradition, I must start with Counting Cats.  Hit that link.  Save it.  Bookmark it.  Read these guys daily.   

Let's start with the question of "settled science" vs. the scepticism that all scientistst are supposed to bring to the table.  Here's NickM of Counting Cats:

For the umpteenth time us “sceptics” (in any case isn’t that what a scientist ought to be at all times - I mean if you have faith take holy orders and if you are a sceptic get thee to a laboratory!) are generally not ideologically driven we just ain’t convinced. It’s the raggle-taggle collection of liars, Greens, scumbags, scientists making sub-Faustian pacts with funding bodies and complete f***ing charlatans like the former senator from Tennessee (snow be upon him).

He’s (Professor Peter Liss, acting head of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit) is asking us for evidence. Him, yes, him, the boss man of a research unit not noted for it’s transparency with data is asking us for evidence!
Yeah, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.  And it's up to the person making the claim to bring some bulletproof evidence to the discussion.  Especially if he wants to take over manufacturing, trucking, and agriculture.  I hope you have time to read Nick's complete rant.  It's one of the better word-for-word Fiskings I've seen.  

Our next batter is Obnoxio The Clown.  Here's a link to everything he's done on GLOBAL WORMENING.    
Obnoxio (briefly) took off the clown mask for this post, written a couple of days before Christmas.  I still think of it every time I see or hear a "green" advertisement.

Bleary eyed, as usual, I staggered down to the kitchen to make myself my morning cup of coffee. While waiting for the coffee machine to do its thing, something tugged at my vision. It was the box of dishwasher soap tablets that I'd left out and on it was the catchy marketing slogan:

Brilliant results, even on eco programs

It's been bugging me for a while now. "Even on eco programs"? Does this imply that the manufacturers have done some research and discovered that actually, making obeisance at the altar of Gaia means that you may have to wash your plates twice? Are detergents becoming stronger to counteract the effects of people using colder water to "save the planet"? Does this mean even more (but different) pollution to worry about later on?

This is what aggravates me about the warmists. They're banging on about how we have to be more energy efficient, while ignoring the fact that their approach may not be the most pollution efficient and it's almost certainly not the most cost efficient.

Ignoring the fact that I think (especially this morning!) that an ice age is much more likely than a boiled planet (in the short term, anyway - in a couple of billion years, a boiled planet is inevitable) I am actually a firm believer in efficiency.

Any believer in the free market and especially anarchist-inclined libertarians is a believer in efficiency. I believe that the free market is far and away the most efficient way of delivering goods and services - but a free market, not a regulated market. And as an milquetoast anarchist, I also believe that there are a handful of services that can be more efficiently provided by the government than by the market. So I'm willing to compromise my loathing of giving money to a bunch of legalised thieves in exchange for those services. Although I accept that there are anarchist alternatives, I'm not sure that they are necessarily the most efficient alternative.
Hit the link to read the rest.  I kinda like the phrase milquetoast anarchist.  My belief that government is a necessary evil because of the need for roads, sewers, defending the borders, and a courts system makes me a milquetoast libertarian. 

And then there's The Devil's Kitchen.  What can be said about Mr. Kitchen that hasn't already been said elsewhere? 

Here's everything Mr. Kitchen has written on  "Climate".  Well worth browsing and saving, especially if you're trying to explain to warmists why all the snow in your Fort Worth, Texas, yard really is not a sign of warming.  These aren't typical D.K. post, though. 

I bookmarked this one sometime last week.  Mr. Kitchen doesn't have much memorable to say here, but it's a good collection of links to IPCC mistakes

Now THIS little rant is a typical D.K. download of rage.  It's about assisted suicide, which we would be commiting if we allowed Saint Albert, The Goracle Of Music City, to have his way with our economy.  Best think I've ever read on who owns me and who owns you.  Warning to devout Baptists:  if you can't take the heat, stay out of The Kitchen.  

Thanks to all three of these guys for stepping in where others have failed. 


Browncoat Libertarian said...

"...fucktarded poltrooning jackanapes"
I have no idea what this is, but it's funny as hell. Funny that the indignantly self-righteous religious twerps that comment here think I'M insulting...Nick makes me look like an amateur.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

There are about four guys who post on the Counting Cats site, and I went into their comment field about a year ago asking how NickM comes up with that stuff.

Chris (the original Feline Enumerator, I think) replied that Nick comes from the same line as Chaucer and Shakespeare. He just sits down and makes it up.

We have a much more colorful world as a result.

Dr Ralph said...

Waiting for an appearance from Cedric in 3...2...1...

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I haven't heard from Cedric in a coon's age.

A while back, I did a few Google searches on Cedric's stock phrases. He was a busy, busy boy, with a great host of monikers. OR, he just happened to use the same phrases and style as many of his (to use your phrase) co-religionists.

There was a big push for legislation and increased control (i.e. - opportunities for graft) in the leadup to the Copenhagen conference. The conference failed miserably.

I believe Cedric's funding was pulled immediately after the conference.

Call me a conspiracy nut, but I believe the con artists now see the climate scare as a dry hole.

Either way, I miss him. Cedric, we hardly knew ye.