Tuesday, February 16, 2010

John Cougar Mellencamp for Senate ! On the anti-corporate ticket !

Here's Reason magazine's "Hit and Run" section, on a movement to have Seymour Indiana's favorite son John Cougar Mellencamp run for the U.S. senate. 

Don't get me wrong about what follows.  I love me some Mellencamp, especially the later stuff.  His Life, Death, Love and Freedom is in the CD changer of the Blackened Whitedmobile at this very moment. 

But Here's a statement from a Mellencamp supporter:
Mellencamp for Senator from Indiana! He's heartland rocker who tackles corporate power on behalf of family farmers/fighting foreclosures.

Corporate power?  Are the Mellencamps of Seymour, Indiana, oppressed by corporate power?  Here's Matt Welch, of Reason: 

According to the good folks at the Environmental Working Group, who maintain an eminently searchable database of farm subsidies, there were 34 recipients with the last name of "Mellencamp" between 1995-2003. Of those, a full 22 come from the Hoosier State, including 12 in the small town of ... Seymour! Here's a list of Seymour's subsidized Mellencamps:

$383,673.00 James A. and Michael Mellencamp
$249,590.95 George Mellencamp
$157,219.56 David K. Mellencamp
$152,639.65 Mark Mellencamp
$152,424.00 Gary W. Mellencamp
$110,052.72 Mary Mellencamp
$46,172.47 Elsie Mellencamp
$30,527.87 Matthew Grover Mellencamp
$10,929.31 Frederick J. Mellencamp
$2,582.14 Jerry Ross Mellencamp
$1,015.00 Victor H. Mellencamp
$420.00 Andrew Mellencamp
Compare those corn subsidies (1.14 million dollars) to those received by your family.  

The Mellencamps have met the corporate power ! !  And it is them ! ! 

One other thing.... As Mellencamp has grown older, the obsession with "corporate power" has popped up more and more in his interviews, especially during his support of the John Edwards campaign.   
Well, here's a video of Mellencamp shilling for the biggest corporate power of them all - The U.S. Government's Automobile Division, formerly known as Chevrolet. 

The lesson from all this?  There's a much bigger power out there than corporations, and that's the U.S. government.  John Cougar Mellencamp And Company ®  have done very well by their association with it. 

Oh, but ain't that America, kickbacks for me,
Ain't that America, something to see baby
Ain't that America, Big Subsidy,
Little green payoffs for you and me....

Mellencamp is a great performer, a brilliant songwriter, and a crappy crusader.  Physician, heal thyself.


sotu2010 said...

Hi, I'm one of the people who started the Mellencamp for Senate idea, just wanted to thank you for joining the debate, and respond to some of your points.
It's going to be tough to keep the rich guys out of government, and in terms of John Mellencamp's family, hey, maybe the old saying that the best way to make a fortune is to start with one, is true.
But I do think that one thing about Mellencamp as a Senator would be that he would probably work for the interests of ordinary people, which is what few of the Republicans or "Moderate" Dems are doing right now. I don't think he'd be in there changing the copyright or FCC rules so that he and his old white rocker buddies could rake in the dough once he left, or turn to being a lobbyist for the music industry...

Ordinary people are in a tough spot here, whether they're Republican or Democrat. Money and power are driving the bus in Washington, and it's come to the point where I'm not sure we can even turn things around. (For the past 10 years, corporate interests and even politicians like Dick Cheney have been making investments that essentially bet against the American people. I could go on and on, sorry.)
If Mellencamp runs, it won't really be on any ticket--he's got the cash to just run as himself. But what we all need to be looking for here is people who will really represent and work for ordinary people, not just make meaningless speeches while they secretly polish the chrome on the revolving door between govt and corporate interests. My representative can be a rich guy, as long as he doesn't act like one when he votes--and I think Mellencamp might do a pretty good job of actually voting on behalf of ordinary Americans.
Again, thanks for taking the time to even consider the idea!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Thanks for your comment.

The best way Mellencamp could work for ordinary people would be to get his family off the government tit.
Do you really see that happening?