Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NASA. Climategate. Freedom Of Information Act Requests. Disappearing Data. Thermometers. Dogs. Homework.

In which NASA just wishes the dog ate their homework. 
Go here. 

These guys almost implemented the biggest regulatory intervention in the history of our galaxy, and it's all crumbling. 
Within 5 years, the complete story will come out. No one will go to jail and no one will lose his job.  Because, you see, their intentions were so good and wholesome. 

In related news, go here for a list of some of the major corporations who were going to discourage competitors by helping to implement the Cap And Trade system.  They're not so excited about it any longer. 

And you can go here to learn why the Environmental Protection Agency's Lisa Jackson, should have someone following her around wiping drool and slobber off her chin.  (Jackson is the EPA head who recently declared carbon dioxide a pollutant, in yet another attempt to take over manufacturing, agriculture and trucking.)
.....It makes no sense to set ambient air quality standards for greenhouse gases. There is simply no way for state and local regulators to ensure that individual cities, or even larger regions, meet an air quality standard for a globally dispersed atmospheric pollutant. Local emissions could be reduced to zero, and a given area would still violate the standards if global emissions did not decline. It would be a pointless regulatory exercise.

That's the end of this evening's cynicism about people trying to make money from the weather, a topic that I've sworn off writing about.  Hope you enjoy and benefit from the links. 
The picture of the dog who didn't eat anybody's homework came from the Talk With The Preacher blog, something that everyone involved in this scam needs to consider.

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