Monday, February 1, 2010

The January Pew Research Political Quiz

Go here to take another Pew Political IQ Quiz.

Get 'em all right, and you know more than 98% of all Americans.

Those living outside the borders of Obamastan can go ahead and add two correct answers to your score.

I got 'em all right, but had to guess on one question due to overthinking it. Post results in the comment field.


Anonymous said...

12/12. Further confirmation that we're all just a bunch of news junkies. Maybe we should get some hobbies.

Berit said...

Got 11. I didn't think we imported all that much oil.
What happend to "Drill, drill, drill?

Harper said...

11 out of 12. I missed the one about the Christmas bomber. I will admit that I was on vacation at the time and, quite selfishly, paid more attention to the increased airport security slant of the story, since I was facing a long return flight home. I don't think I ever read which Al Qaeda cell trained him.

kerrcarto said...

Missed the stupid oil question

Drill damnitt!!!

Omnibus Driver said...

11/12. And that's because I don't follow the Dow Jones.

Anonymous said...

Ooops! Missed one, Number of women currently sitting on the SCOTUS. I "guessed" one.

B Woodman

Flee said...

11 out 12, Damn oil question!