Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two political ads. One of them will live forever as an example of weird

Here's a cool political ad, done The Chicago Way. I really like the Godfather typeface. Tony Rezko, Obama's old running buddy, gets a few shout-outs and its funny how the admakers can assume that their audience will know who Rezko is. Found it on Ed Driscoll's blog.

Here's another one that just might be the 2nd most bizarre thing I've ever seen that took major bucks to produce. Watch a little of the intro. It quickly becomes tiresome. Then go to the 2:10 mark. The special effects make Dark Shadows look like Avatar. Maybe that was the point. Sheesh.

These will only get better as election day approaches. Pass the popcorn ! !

Update from 15 minutes later: Mr. Reynolds at Instapundit just posted Hitler's response to the Demonsheep ad.

He also had a link to this one about the comical reasons we should let the government begin a Cap and Trade system....

Will the Superbowl ads compare with this? I think not.


Omnibus Driver said...

If you life in Illinois, you'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to know who Rezko is. Every major Dem and several prominent GOPs have used him to raise funds, including the Hypocrite-In-Chief, who did a questionable real estate deal with him for a strip of property contiguous to Chez Obbama.

bobzmoose said...

Demon sheep approves of this message?!