Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Dallas Window Sign Ordinance

Note to Fort Worth residents.... What are we going to do about this pesky suburb?
This is kind of embarrassing.  I just posted something about the high levels of personal and economic freedom in Texas.  Those freedoms, of course, include property rights. 
Note to John Jay Myers, Dallas resident running for Congress.... Your thoughts, sir?


John Jay Myers said...

Isn't that like asking a fish if it likes water? I have been attending these conventions lately, (this weekend I went to Missouri) Once in a while it would be nice to have someone disagree with me!

I need to stop hanging out with all these dang Libertarians.

People should be able to put up whatever signs they like in their windows. They can suffer the consequences.
Though I will admit that I think government is best at the lowest level. By that I refer to an Island in Florida (Sanibel) with a pretty tight sign ordinance, ask me about that place some time.

But... this is Dallas, and it just reaks of unfair play and too much government.

Nick Rowe said...

In San Francisco, the city has banned advertisements in the windows of vacant commercial real estate.

The "ads" are merely large banners covering the windows and hiding the huge, vacant space behind them. They are, in my opinion, rather tasteful and some are quite artful.

But the important part here is that: 1) it is free speech on private property and, 2) it is helping the building owners to make SOME money to cover their losses so they might not default on their loans.

This city is crazy. They are fining home owners for cracks in their sidewalks while there are six-inch deep potholes covering the streets which are not being prepared.

The city is fining businesses who are VICTIMS of graffiti for not cleaning up the mess, but the police don't seem to be around to catch the perps.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

I've been to Sanibel. I think there was some issues with a sign that said "Get a Rolex Oyster... for not a lot of clams!" (I just made that up... I really need to be in the Ad biz).

Sanibel is like it's own teeny tiny country - a super wealthy one. I thought I was going to be arrested for driving while not having a trust fund.

I'd like to hear your Sanibel story. And I think we just may need to annex Dallas.