Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just how hard is it to go outside and read a thermometer every day ?

RFK Jr. has described James Hansen of NASA's Goddard Institute For Space Studies as The Paul Revere of Climate Change.  (The glaciers are melting !  The oceans are rising !  The thermometers are bursting !)
Hansen has a new book out called "Storms Of My Grandchildren", which I skimmed during my lunch yesterday.  In short, the earth is warming, the glaciers are melting, the seas are rising, and that's your fault.  Therefore, you should give Hansen and his friends a lot of money.  Grants, funding, subsidies, the works. 

You may have heard of the problems with the datasets at East Anglia University's Climate Research Unit.  Thanks to some hackers, we have evidence that the CRU cooked the books a bit, mostly to improve the infamous "hockey stick" and to eliminate the inconvenient warming period that popped up during the Middle Ages.
Thank God we have an independent data set at NASA, right? 

Well, no.  Hit that link.  Go on, hit itRead it.  Giggle. 

Damn those Inconvenient Truths.   

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J H P said...

That guy is a total nutcase.

Oh, and the climategate leak is more likely to have been due to an internal "whistleblower" rather than hackers. But that's just a petty detail.