Friday, March 12, 2010

Israel now has a libertarian movement !

Israel now has a libertarian movement. 
Go here.  (Check out the blogroll while you're there.  Ha !) 

What are the odds?  The country was founded by a gaggle of Socialists.  Israel is the only country in the world, as far as I know, that can make anything like the kibbutz system work.  And they now have a libertarian movement !  

Check out the About Us section of the site. 

1.  We believe in the individual rights to Life, Liberty and Property as the basis for a just political system.

2.  We believe in the principle and practice of free market capitalism as the only sustainable and moral economic system, the only one compatible with life, liberty and property.
3.  The organization is a broad-tent one, to include anyone committed to the ideals of free markets and individual liberty.
4.  Members of the organization recognize the necessity of advancement towards greater individual liberty in both personal and economic matters – and in fact, the inseparability of individual and economic liberty.
5.  Members of the organization recognize the need to establish a political order guided by the overall principles of individual liberty and free markets.
Do any U.S. Libertarians see anything there that they couldn't support?
And check out this post on Israeli gun control:
Go here to read the rest.  It's perfectly illustrated by this picture of a rabbi, his daughter, and their assault rifles. 
Many foreign citizens – and in fact, many citizens of Israel – hold the belief that the Jewish state is an amazingly pro-gun entity. American citizens who return from trips to the Holy Land will tell of how many armed men they see in the streets – usually, reservists or settlers carrying their government-issued rifles, and of how this armed citizen or another had stopped a terrorist act with his pistol.

This is even true to some extent – because most legally-held firearms in Israel are pistols held for the purpose of self-defense, the citizens here have a far greater tendency of carrying the arms they own then Germans or Frenchmen. But – and this is an incredible fact even for most Israelis – Israel is one of the most anti-gun states of the civilized world.
Here's where it will get interesting.  You may have read or heard about a group called the Palestinians.....
Good luck folks. 

Now that I think about it, compare the goals of these Israeli Libertarians to those of the United Kingdom's Libertarian Party.  Compare both of those sets of principles to the U.S. version. 

Let's make this a worldwide movement, with a worldwide semi-organization, where we get together once a year and vow to leave everyone else alone.  Let's all band together in solidarity and march on Tel Aviv and London and Washington and insist that our governments give us.....nothing.  Nothing at all. 

Hey, it could happen. 

Shabbat Shalom, y'all !


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, libertarians are welcome here, at least as far as yours truly is concerned.

As for the guns... On one hand, gun purchase process is tough here and it takes a good reason to have and to carry one. On the other hand, after the army service you get quite enough of that.

Another aspect is that many people (esp. those after military service) feel that giving guns to folks who don't know how to use them (like ones in the picture) is not exactly a good idea.

MicroBalrog said...

I'm quite sure the good rabbi and his daughter know quite well how to handle their rifles.

And yes, I've been in 'the' military.

Alisa said...

Thanks for the mention Allen, much appreciated:-)