Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our extremist rhetoric is causing a violent ripple across America

Like many of you, I am troubled.  Deeply, deeply troubled.
Other people find it troubling also, and that's why we should dial it back a bit. 

Our extremist rhetoric is causing a violent ripple across America. 

Political party headquarters have been vandalized, and the President and a senator have been burned in effigy.  Police called it "a planned and orchestrated event". 

Drive-by shooters have attacked a campaign headquarters.  Thank God no one was inside.

Protesters in Florida ransacked another campaign center, stating that they "wanted to send a message". 

Dial it back, people.  Dial it back.  It's just a new law requiring you to spend your money with certain favored healthcare compnies, nothing more.  Maybe we can find a way to get past it. 

Remember: If the American news media ever start giving these violent incidents a lot of attention, it will hurt the cause.

Update from Friday, March 26th.....It amazes me when I look at my hit-counter, and see that there are SO many people out there looking at this post but not hitting the links.  Maybe I shoulda made the links sexier in some way.  Hit the links above for some hot, steamy, anti-Statist violence, people !  Get outraged !  Hit the links to see the scorn that the people now have for their superiors !  


kerrcarto said...

I think it is all bullshit. Made up by the leftist to try and make us look like THEM.

Tim Lebsack said...

The old deceptive hyperlink tactic. Fools 'em every time.

Good post, sir. Thank you.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Yeah, I don't know if Kerrcarto quite got the joke....

seran said...

Can you edit it to add another example? Stupak got death threats back when he was going to vote against the bill, but no one on the left or in the mainstream media was outraged back then. Only now, when the death threats are for voting for the bill are they upset about it.

Fester said...

The media will never seriously cover these events as they have learned that when they do it shines on spotlight on the real problem, the reason for the outrage and it doesn't look good for the government. They can only push the lone kook thing so far before people start asking "what could motivate a person to do such a thing?" and then when the people discover the answer most think to themselves "I don't agree with his tactics, but I understand his frustration".

Dr Ralph said...

Ha ha - you totally punked me on this one!

I actually thought you were acting responsibly for a change!


The Whited Sepulchre said...

I am very, very proud of punking Kerrcarto. You'd have to know him to fully appreciate it.

Dr Ralph said...

WS - so are you saying I'm easily punked? Or that I'm an out and out punk?

Wait - don't answer that.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Naw. Nothing like that. Kerrcarto is a Republican of sorts, and for some reason it gave me the giggles.