Monday, March 1, 2010

This is a BIG deal. No further comment allowed

Someone who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with the goings-on at this site was finally acknowledged in a proper way and given her well deserved props recently honored. 
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Harper said...

Congrats to Mrs Whited. Just today Mr H and I were bemoaning the choices in decent youth programs for our young. Wish Broadway weren't so dang far away. It takes special people to work with 'youth', you are clearly married to an exceptional woman.

Dr Ralph said...

I was so glad I chose yesterday to end my mini-sabbatical and make it to church so I could hear Brent Beasley announce this. Mrs. Whited richly deserves this honor. She was youth minister to both my boys until they left for college.

Of course being married to *you* has given her lots of experience in dealing with adolescents.

Just kidding! (not really)