Thursday, March 4, 2010

What we say vs. what they hear

I apologize for the use of the word "retards", but don't know how to change it without creating a new PDF:

Hit the link if you can't read the text below. 


Dr Ralph said...

Calling the people you're trying to convert "retards?"

That's a novel approach. Let me know how it's working.

Also - the file in question is a PNG image file, not a PDF. You can edit it with any number of free web-based image editors (I'm happy to send you links). Unless you really *don't* want to convert anyone. In that case, carry on.

Fester said...

I agree with everything in the retard column, except keeping the black man down.

justino said...

Hehe. I'm 5/7 retarded — no suprise to anyone who knows me.

I am an anarchist. I don't support cops, taxes, or government regulation. I do support owning tanks and rocket launchers though.

(I've bookmarked the site and mean to read it more often, but luckily John posts links of FB.)

Nick Rowe said...

Yep, that about sums it up.

Dr. Ralph, if people actually believe libertarians want the right-hand column, they are beyond conversion, reasoning, education or earwax removal. In short, they are retards - incapable of learning.

"Ignorance rides on the back of hysteria."

Dr Ralph said...

Speaking as a former member of the advertising profession (why I *will* go to hell some day), if most people are hearing column B instead of column A, it is *not* a failure on the part of the audience hearing it, it is a failure on your part in successfully communicating your message.

Calling them names is not going to correct the failure. Companies who do that go out of business.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Thanks for your comments.
Since I tend to see myself as a Libertarian Church Preacher, rather than a Libertarian Evangelist, I think I can safely say, with no fear of reprisal, that within about two years, 95% of the electorate is going to look back on the last 30-40 years and say "God, we were a bunch of retards".

(But I would still like to know how to edit those pages, doctor....)

Dr Ralph said...

WS - anticipating your question, I put a list of web-based photo editors up at the JOPRT. As of now it is the most recent post. Call or email if you need more info.

Dr Ralph said...

...Sorry, bad link in above post. Correct link here.

Nick Rowe said...

Microsoft PowerPoint is a convenient photo editor that can handle simple jobs like this.

You copy and paste the photo onto a slide. If you have Office 2003, then click View, Toolbar and then look for the Picture toolbar. You can then dock that toolbar permanently at the top or bottom of your Powerpoint screen. It can crop, adjust brightness and contrast, align or rotate. It cannot do a mirror image.

You can place a new text box right over the top of what you want to cover and change. If the text box ends up behind the picture, then right click on the picture, click Order, and then Send to Back.

Select either the picture or the text box. Then hold the shift key and select the other one. This will select them both. Right click on either of them and then click Group. They are now one image. (You can ungroup them later if you want)

Then right click on the image and save as a picture under whatever format you want (some formats will not turn out as you expected). Save the PowerPoint file in case you want to make changes later.

For more advanced picture editing, I've got Adobe Photoshop Elements which is often on sale at wholesale warehouses like Sams or Costco between $40 and $60. It is MUCH easier to use than the full-blown Photoshop (which I also own).

With Elements, you can create pictures like this.

Here, I selected and copied the area around the T, R, and O in BAROMETER to to create the I, P, and C in IPCC. Then I touched it up with the paintbrush and the clone stamp. I used pieces from the other text on the picture to create "Global Warming".

Bob of the Moose said...

Wait, wait, wait... You're saying we aren't supporting the private ownership of tanks and rocket launchers. The tanks I might agree with, but rocket launchers?!

We're still advocating for the right to own full-auto weapons, right?