Friday, March 5, 2010

Vicious Dachshund bites Vet Tech ! ! Dachshund is going to the chair ! ! Save Spork ! !

LAFAYETTE, Colo. -- He's only a few inches tall, but a miniature dachshund named Spork is at the middle of a debate over vicious dogs. It’s even earned him his own fan page on Facebook where as of Tuesday afternoon he had 2,900 friends.

Go here for the "Save Spork" Facebook page. 

"He's family," said Kelly Walker, who has had Spork since he was a puppy.
Kelly and her husband Tim are fighting a ticket they received charging them with owning a vicious dog.

“Once we were holding that ticket we felt it was a death sentence for our pet so we vowed to fight it as hard as we could,” said Tim.
In August, the Walker’s said Spork bit a veterinary technician during an exam at Jasper Animal Hospital in Lafayette. As a result of the attack, the Walkers said both the vet tech who was bitten and the veterinarian of the animal hospital filed reports with animal control.

It seems that if you're working as a veterinarian or a vet tech, that dog bites would go with the territory.  Heck, If I ever try to extract a stool sample from you without permission, I should expect some resistance, right? 

If the Walkers are found guilty of owning a vicious dog Spork could be euthanized or kenneled.

"I went to that vet thinking they were trained to take care of my dog properly,” said Kelly.
According to state law in Colorado, a dog owner is not liable for a dog bite if the person bitten is a vet, groomer or anyone who works closely with animals.
But city of Lafayette is asserting home-rule exception, which means they do not have to follow state law.

Lord have mercy, of all the things to assert home-rule exception over.  Customers of the Jasper Animal Hospital in Lafayette will soon assert their own home-rule exception.  They're going to go elsewhere. 

“This speaks to the people of Lafayette,” said Jennifer Edwards, of The Animal Law Center. “Be warned about going to vet care centers or groomers because if your dog bites, it could face euthanasia.”

A fresh coat of Whitening (with a Bookstop Gift Certificate) to Tim Lebsack of the Dallas County Libertarian Party for sending me this one. 


Anonymous said...

Seems like that vet tech needs to find another "safer" career, like . . like . . .like . . gee, I can't think of a career where there isn't SOME danger of being at least A LITTLE bit hurt as part of an occupational hazard.

Maybe (s)he could become a professional minority Libtard whiner, demanding entitlements.

How badly was the vet tech hurt, anyway? Just barely enough to break skin? Or enough to need a people doctor's care (stitches, x-ray, cast, . .).

If Spork's owner's can't get relief form the justice courts, then maybe they can get their own brand of justice in the "people's" court. Tell everyone about the treatment, and results, at the animal hospital. Tell it long, loud & often. If enough people decide to take their business elsewhere, . . . .

'Nuff said.
B Woodman

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

First, every local and whatever other TV station needs to go to the Mayor's house and ask him for a 11th hour reprieve. THEN, if not, ask if he'd be willing to push in the plunger on the eutheneedle.

I'm telling you - and I've said it before, COLORADO HATES DOGS!!!!!!!

Nick Rowe said...

First corgis, now dachshunds.

My Bichon Frise isn't safe! We must flee to Canada on the next Carnival Cruise ship.

Jabed Super said...

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