Thursday, April 8, 2010

John Jay Myers, Pete Sessions, and a fan named Christina

My friend John Jay Myers is running for U.S. Congress, 32nd district of Texas. 

Here's JJM"s latest campaign video.  Does John Jay cross the line here?  Heck yes, he crosses it.  Not only that, but he gets a running start, cartwheels over it, stomps it a few times, and then in a final celebratory moment, backs up and does it all again. 
More power to him.  This is no time for shy people. 

John Jay's opponent in this race is Pete Sessions, who in 2006 was able to make the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Top-20 Congressional Corruption List.   Lordy, think of all the competitors for that one.  That's almost like being voted "Worst Juggler" at the Parkinsons clinic.

JJM packed a lot of text and verbiage into this video, so watch it once to get an overall feel for the thing and watch it again, hitting the pause button now and then, relishing every moment.  Then forward it to everyone you know in Dallas. 

Enjoy.  It doesn't get any better than this.     

Go here to learn more about John Jay Myers for Congress.

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That Damn Libertarian said...

Actually WS, it does, or can, get better. Anyone attending a Dallas Libertarians Beer Lover's Caucus can discuss libertarian theory with Christina in person.