Friday, June 11, 2010

How to explain the benefits of Free Trade

Here's how to explain the benefits of Free Trade in less than three minutes. 
The next time you hear Lou Dobbs or Nancy Pelosi griping about the "unfair advantages" of those pesky Chinese, Japanese, Messicans, or any other minority they don't like, please think of the Bastiat quote that closes this video:

"Through exchange, they are, in fact, compelled to allow us to share in those unfair advantages"

If you still disagree, think of it this way....What is the last item that you purchased because it was on sale for a great price? Did you ever consider NOT purchasing the item because it would be unfair to the retailers who couldn't offer the same low price?

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Hot Sam said...

The corrollary to Bastiat is that through trade we are NOT compelled to suffer from our self-imposed disadvantages.