Sunday, August 15, 2010

Food For The Machine

I have an acquaintance named James who just got sent to jail for four months.

James and I have a mutual friend named Judy, who called me yesterday, absolutely frantic. James had already gone to be an Involuntary Guest Of The State, he had no way to prepay four months’ rent on his small garage apartment, and unless Judy could find a way to get the rest of his possessions to a storage facility, everything James owned would either be dumped out on the curb or sold for back-payment of rent.
I was able to help Judy get the remainder of James’s furniture moved to a 10’x10’ storage space that she and another friend had rented. Had those two ladies not been willing to do this, James would have been released from prison owning absolutely nothing.

Think about that for a minute….starting over with a criminal record, and owning nothing. Then think of having to face a plague of counselors, probation officers, parole officers and other leeches, all with their hands in your pockets, trying to collect their Oversight Fees, payments for counseling sessions, payments for drug tests, and other legal rip-offs.

James will probably spend the rest of his life as food for this vile machine, ensuring that some Civil Service lifer is able to collect a good pension at the age of 50.

So what did James do to deserve such treatment?

Did he injure someone with his vehicle, the way Ted Kennedy did, and then leave his victim to drown?
Did he try and fail to blow up some buildings, like Bill Ayers?
Or did he drug and rape a 13-year old, like Roman Polanski?

James didn’t do anything to harm anyone else, the way those three guys did. He's only guilty of doing something that our last three presidents have done.

James was pulled over because of his license plate or inspection sticker was expired. The cops used that as an excuse to rip his car open from bumper to bumper. They finally found an ounce of marijuana and hauled James to jail.
Unlike presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, or contenders like John Kerry, Al Gore, and Sarah Palin, all of whom have smoked weed, James is in jail.
Unlike Barack Obama, who did cocaine as a teenager, James is in jail.

Chances are, you have voted for at least two of the politicians listed above. Why is it that you don’t hold drug use against presidential candidates and will support them in their efforts to be Leaders Of The Free World, but if a night-shift welder is caught with 4 joints’ worth of marijuana, you believe he should go to prison and then have to spend years explaining himself to, and being monitored by, government munchkins?

We have a higher percentage and a higher raw number of prisoners than any other country on earth. We are devastating the male African-American population for the sole purpose of “saving and creating jobs” in the counseling, drug-testing, prison-building and law enforcement industries.

Mexican drug lords are destroying their country - all for the right to be monopoly drug suppliers for the United States. The parallels between 2010 and our failed 1920's alcohol prohibition experiment are too obvious for even the most dense politician to ignore. Al Capone and a plethora of other gangsters grew wealthy supplying something that everyone wanted. Grandmothers started making their own bathtub gin. Lawlessness erupted around the border – but in this case, it was our border with Canada!

In places where we legalized alcohol, the bootlegger violence stopped. Alcohol usage didn’t skyrocket, it merely moved out into the open again, and there was no sudden increase in alcoholism.

There are only two politicians of note who are willing to go on record stating that they favor marijuana legalization – Republican Ron Paul (TX) and Democrat Jim Webb (VA).
The other politicians no longer have ignorance as an excuse. They aren’t misguided or misinformed, and they aren’t looking out For The Children®.

They are evil.


Anonymous said...

an ounce of weed is way more than 4 joints. an ounce of weed is enough to sell a moderate amount to 15 people. thats why he is in jail

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

An ounce of weed is not very much. If you really think that is something, you are misinformed. Sure, it can be split 15 ways, but it would be a very small amount for those 15 people. (A day or two of smoking, at best.)

He is in jail because americans hate freedom.

Anonymous said...

It is also good to point out that smoking marijuana is less dangerous than drinking alcohol.

Enjoy the land of fear.

Anonymous said...

Lol an ounce of weed is alot, whoever says it isn't is not very experienced with weed. an ounce is 28.4 grams, a joint takes about .5 grams or a blunt takes about one gram. So either 50 joints or 25 blunts, still alot of weed.

Anonymous said...

When I buy, I buy an ounce at a time. I don't like looking for a supplier, and I don't like dealing with shady people. So I buy an ounce, maybe more at a time.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Hey, I've never bought any in my life. So please forgive my ounces per joint gaffe.
The point is, he wasn't carrying very much. He is not a dealer.

Tim Lebsack said...

Four months of incarceration, a man losing his job, cops and court workers putting resources into this case - This marijuana is gonna cost 25 grand an ounce or worse, someone's really gonna get hurt when dealers are fighting over market territory.