Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lawyers to go on hunger strike due to lack of business

Recent law school graduates are going to stage a hunger strike to protest the lack of jobs in their profession. 

Can you imagine how popular that would be if the starving lawyers were on a webcam?  Go here to watch a damn divorce lawyer starve himself to death.  Hit this link to watch a politician saw his arm off.  Click here to see an IRS agent slowly die from carbon monoxide poisoning.   

The picture of the vicious attack dog came from here.


Nick Rowe said...

I remember in the early 1990s there was such a glut of lawyers that they frequently took jobs as paralegals.

I like lawyers. Everyone ought to have one and they should get paid only $20 an hour.

I don't have anything against IRS agents. While I would prefer a proportional tax such that you can file your returns on a postcard, they are only doing the job our elected boobs created for them to do. Remember that many of those IRS agents process our tax refunds and rebates too. While that is only getting more of my own money back, I appreciate the service. I just got a check, with interest, from a tax credit I was owed two years ago but neglected to claim. I filed an amendment this year.

It would be nice to have a simpler tax system and release a lot of IRS accountants to do fraud investigations at banks, firms, and nonprofits. We should hire a lot more government attorneys to prosecute the relatively low-level bank fraud. US attorneys and investigators are so overwhelmed with cases, they literally set a dollar limit below which the criminal gets off scot free. Crime does pay, as long as 1) you don't steal too much, and 2) you wear a business suit when you do it.

Dr Ralph said...

Nick -- I'm always amazed when I find myself agreeing with you.

Well said.

It makes me recall an old Woody Guthrie song, The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd, which included the lyric, "Well, as through the world I've rambled, I've seen lots of funny men; Some rob you with a sixgun, some with a fountain pen."

My bride is a former lawyer turned school librarian; she says she deals with a much better class of people now.

Anonymous said...

That's almost funny.
A unversally despised class of people (can't call them "workers" or "laborers") threatening a hunger strike because no one will hire them. Pffftt. As if that will help either make more work & jobs, or make people like them better (as a class).

SAY! I know! If they want to REALLY get a job, any job, AND possibly raise their "likability" level, why don't they go out and send some illegal aliens back home by doing "those jobs that Americans won't do."

B Woodman