Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unions hire non-union help, at low wages, to protest hiring of non-union help at low wages

When my employer, Jukt Micronics, goes to trade shows, we are invariably confronted with the stereotypical union "help".  (Note the scorn quotes.)
They charge us more to forklift the equipment to our booth than it costs us to ship the equipment from Fort Worth to Chicago, or Fort Worth to Vegas. 
THEN they ask for a kickback, "just to avoid any problems in the future". 

When Yellow Freight and Roadway merged to become YRC Worldwide, The Teamsters sent us a bewildering array of "drivers" (once again, note the scorn quotes) who couldn't succesfully back up to a toilet in just one attempt, much less a freight dock. 

Then there's the glorious mess that you're paying to straighten out at Chrysler and G.M. 

And the teacher's union. 

Well guys, when you've lost Jon Stewart, you've lost America.  Greatest. Daily. Show. Video. EVER ! !

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Nick Rowe said...

That was fantastic. He really nailed that guy good.

We've got a construction project going on near my office which is using non-union illegal immigrant labor. The condos appear uninhabitable now, but their billboard promises they'll be done by the end of September - they must be working all day, every day.

The construction workers unions hired non-union illegal immigrants to picket against the hiring of non-union illegal immigrants. It doesn't get much more ironic than that.

The California unions are in a frenzy to support Barbara Boxer. As usual, the California Teachers Association uses children as human shields to retain all their lush benefits.