Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Libertarian websites for your consideration

More and more libertarians are going online with their opinions.  Having Statists run the country is probably a factor.
Please consider bookmarking these (relatively new) bloggers.  You will be enlightened and entertained. 

I don't even know where to start with this first character.   As best I can tell, he is Baron Von Liberte on Facebook....

...and he is the proprietor of - a site dedicated to Swashbuckling, Liberty, and Waffles.  Yes, waffles.  But enough about breakfast foods.  Here's The Baron's take on the recent Stephen Colbert congressional testimony debacle:

Our country is in a shithole right now and we waste time on Stephen Colbert playing fictional Stephen Colbert in front of our real Congress? What’s next? Robert Downey, Jr. playing fictional Tony Stark in front of the Senate debating over who owns his fictional armor? How many tax dollars were wasted on this pointless stunt? What a stupid f***ing move, especially before the midterm elections....
The Baron also has a regular feature called "Libertarian Spotlight" where he posts videos and quotes from celebrities, academics, and musicians who value liberty.  Go here to see the total collection.  (I didn't know about Kurt Russell and Dean Koontz.)  And if you don't already know who this drummer is, and what he believes, you haven't spent enough time on Objectivist websites.  Hit the link for more info !

Here's a link to one of The Barron's motivational posters.  NSFW, but my thoughts exactly. 

My next suggestion is a site called Liberty On Tour.

These guys ride around on a bus promoting liberty and freedom.  "Liberty On Tour is a dynamic freedom-oriented project created by two friends, Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller, who are touring 13 cities in 13 weeks in their RV (dubbed MARV) to advance the message of voluntaryism and a free society."

But there's obviously gotta be more to it than that, right? 
Their pet peeve, and they will run into it in almost every city they visit, is law enforcement/code enforcement officers who keep people from feeding the homeless. 
I repeat...there are people out there with the authority to put you in jail if they don't approve of your giving food to street people.  Here's something from a post called Food Not Bombs:

PHOENIX, AZ – This past Sunday (just a couple short hours before Adam was arrested) we joined the good folks associated with Food Not Bombs Las Vegas who were providing food to people in need.

Their group is doing great work. Yet as many of those featured in this video touch on, harassment from the police is common. A Google search of “Food Not Bombs arrest” results in over 500,000 results and in 2006, this particular chapter was targeted by local law enforcement. Its members were issued citations and threatened with arrest simply for feeding the homeless. Fortunately, they teamed up with the ACLU and recently the court ruled in their favor.
Still, even if the court had not sided with them, they are not doing anything wrong. Far from it. They are voluntarily helping those less fortunate. When the State, or more accurately, individuals wearing silly costumes and badges, tell them that they cannot give freely of their property to consenting individuals it violates their rights.
So why the use of aggressive force? It could be a couple of things – State agencies that were created to supposedly help the homeless may feel their legitimacy eroded when people see that they can better help each other directly rather than through inefficient, unaccountable (and immoral) government (for more on this, check out David Beito’s From Mutual Aid to the Welfare State). For the cops, since they claim a monopoly, they simply lack any incentive to have good customer service (their salaries are paid via stolen money) so they seek to maximize the number of arrests and citations issued for those who violate arbitrary man-made legislation for which there is no victim. They are nothing more than revenue generators for the State (for more on this, check out Bruce Benson’s The Enterprise of Law).
Despite these hurdles, the Food Not Bombs folks have kept at it, and they’ve undoubtedly saved lives in the process.
Like what Food Not Bombs does? Good news – they have over 1,000 chapters and are on every continent save for Antarctica. And, if there’s not yet one near you, you can start a chapter in seven steps.
They do good work, those boys at Liberty On Tour.  They're going to stay on the road through the beginning of November. 

Now take a deep, deep, deep breath and hold it.....
Exhale and go visit The Libertarian Stoner

After reading that poster, I'll never again read the book of Genesis in the same way. 

Here's The Stoner on a friend who our government has put in a steel cage for 5 years. 

Marc Emery,our fallen Prince of Pot,has been sentenced by a U.S. Court to five years in prison for selling a seed created by God grown wild for thousands of years that never hurt a soul...
...."U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan told the court Marc Emery made millions of dollars by shipping seeds into the United States and now he’s paying the price for being part of the illegal drug trade.
“Marc Emery decided that U.S. laws did not apply to him, but he was wrong,” Durkan said in a news release Friday.

“Now, Emery is paying the price for being part of the illegal drug trade that damages lives, homes and the environment.”"

Let me ask you readers has marijuana ever once damaged a life, home, or the environment?

Beyond the fact that ,like a gun, marijuana is inanimate and thus can do nothing good or evil the only thing that has ever damaged the lives,homes, and environment in this issue is prohibition enforced by the police.
Police raid homes,murder innocent people,and burn down massive fields every year and yet according to Jenny Durkan Marc is the one to blame, not them. Was he really the one that caused all that suffering?
The really long answer is "no". 

The next two are Aggregator sites.  These folks tirelessly search The Web for liberty-oriented stories so you don't have to. 
The first is a site called Hammer Of Truth.   Stephen Van Duke typically posts about a dozen links per day and provides commentary on at least one of them. 

Go here for a first-class rant about whether it should be legal for our government to tag you like a Ducks Unlimited experiment in wildlife migration. 

Last is NewsAlert.  I think this guy has been around for a while, but I only found him sometime in the last 6 months.  Gaze upon his blogroll and despair, O Ye Mortals !  Wow. 
Steve Bartin provides tons of links to the liberty-loving masses, and now has almost two million hits to show for it.  I wish he would write more of his own stuff, because his comic asides are usually great. 

That's all I've got.  Hope you like these folks.  Bookmark them, blogroll them, and email their good stuff to your friends. 
Have a great Saturday !

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