Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Illinois or Mexico? Guess who has to pay higher interest

From Bloomberg News, via Newsalert, via Instapundit:

Illinois capital-markets director John Sinsheimer and Citigroup Inc. bankers took a globe-girdling trip from the U.K. to China in June to persuade investors that the state’s $900 million of Build America Bonds were a bargain.

The seven-country visit worked. The state sold one-fifth of the federally subsidized securities abroad the next month, tapping investors who are the fastest-growing source of borrowed cash for U.S. municipalities. Illinois, with the lowest credit rating of any state from Moody’s Investors Service, dangled yields higher than Mexico, which defaulted on debt in 1982, and Portugal, which costs more to insure against missed payments.
In other words, the children of the state of Illinois are going to be forking out Payday Loan-type interest rates.  All so their parents can support the political culture that produced Barack Obama, Rod Blagojevich, these 3 governors who have been to jail, Dan Rostenkowski, and the next mayor of Chicago

Mexico is a better investment.  I repeat, Mexico is a better, safer investment.  Look at these three guys.  Would you purchase a used hubcap from any of them???  Let it roll around in your brain for a few minutes.  According to people who evaluate risk, Mexico is a safer investment than Illinois. 

CAVEAT EMPTOR, dammit ! !

If you purchase the Illinois bonds, Obama is eventually going to print some money, give it to Illinois, and they are going to pay you back with .50 cent dollars.  Hide and watch.   
Mexico is a better investment. 

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That'll be a plus on their resume to the liberal voters.