Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top Secret Blogger Meetup - Campisi's in Dallas, October 4, 2010

About a month ago, I got an email from Nick Rowe of the P.O.W. in the People's Republic of California blog.  He was going to be in Dallas for a conference and wondered if we could get together. 

Of course we could get together !  We met at Campisi's in Dallas, and had a great time.  The world's problems can consider themselves solved.    Paul Krugman, resident Obama apologist for the New York Times, can consider himself mocked.  My misunderstandings about who insures banks against robbers can consider themselves eliminated.  The mysteries of Mormon underwear remain unsolved. 

Nick has now experienced Shiner Bock.

I would have invited more people to this gathering, but Nick (not his real name) works as an economist in a semi-government job, and must keep his identity a secret.  Those who labor in The Belly Of The Beast (or at least its pancreas) have to be careful about campaigning for sanity.   

Dr. Ralph, of The Journal Of Post-Ralphaelite Thought, took time out from supporting godless socialism long enough to meet us, knock back a few, and take these pictures.  He was careful about not revealing Nick's true identity.

Here's Dr. Ralph, still looking somewhat like Leon Trotsky, and Nick:

One of the many cool things about being alive in the year 2010....the world is getting smaller and smaller.  Dr. Ralph, Nick and I didn't even know each other three years ago.  We started pounding our interests into the internet, and next thing you know we're all sitting in the same booth, eating spaghetti.  Go figure. 

Good times, good times. 


Cedric Katesby said...


The Whited Sepulchre said...

Your day will come. Heck, let's make it a week !
Get your butt over here.


Tim Lebsack said...

Mr Rowe: Several years ago I also labored in the beast. You are blessed to be in the pancreas.

Nick Rowe said...

I consider myself working in the liver of government, cleaning out impurities.

But if we have to deal with too much drunken debauchery, we get cihrrosis or fatty liver disease.

Meeting WS and Dr. Ralph was the highlight of my trip. Next time I'll have to get out to Ft. Worth.

The lesson learned is that no matter how much people diverge on political issues, we can still get along and respect one another. We missed you Cedric. Next time.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Nick, Whited and I have been ardently vigorously working the pipe cleaner of freedom to the beast's colon for some time to seemingly no avail.

Well, I've come up with a new plan. I call it: "The Enema of the State". The Government Rectum? Yeah. Damn near destroyed 'em!!

Anyhoo - Someday, when you're in Fort Worth, I hope I can hang out with you and TWS, Dr. Ralph, Tim and anyone else! In fact, remember when you're in Dallas again, that I work in that God forsaken hell hole and simply travel back, twenty four miles to paradise, each evening.