Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something is bound to be lost in translation

Something has got to be lost in translation....

Compare this

To this.

Do Scandinavians understand redneck analogies????


ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Allen (correct spelling),

You are correct that much is lost in translation. In this instance however not as much as you might believe. The author of the Swedish blog linked in this posting is none other than Mrs. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ.
We live in an area populated with lots of "rednecks" (of which we have a mostly favorable opinion) I even occasionally am pressed to "translate" some of the culture.

All the best,
The (other) Allen

Berit said...

Hope you can forgive me for not asking for permission to translate and publish your posting!

Something was, of course, lost. There are things we dumb Swedes don't understand but I hope I made up for it by linking to you in the first sentense.

"Vi har en god bloggarvän som heter Allen Patterson som skriver fantastiskt bra och ibland knycker jag hans alster."

Translation: A good bloging-friend, Allen Patterson, is a marvellous writer and I sometimes steal his creations.

AtheistSweden on Youtube said...

Hmm, what do you mean was lost in the translation? I am a reader of everykinda and i think the message was pretty accurately translated?

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Great !!! I'm much relieved that it makes some kind of sense, even in Sweden !!!!

Ok, here goes....

"If you've ever gone fishing at the fjord, but drank so much Akkurat that you took off your clothes and jumped into the live well of your herring boat, you MIGHT be a Swedish Redneck."

Berit said...

Whatever I come up with after that one will be lame in comparison :0)

Berit said...

A bunch of Swedish guys sat at a table in a bar and shouted and laughed. The whole time they yelled 'thirty-seven, thirty-seven, thirty-seven !!!.."
It made me curious as to what they meant by this and I asked them , "Hey, what are you celebrating?
But the guys just kept yelling, "thirty-seven, thirty-seven, thirty-seven !!.."
So I asked again: -Hello! What do you mean by shouting thirty-seven all the time?
Then Sven answered with a broad smile: "We just completed a puzzle. It took us 37 days!

I was confused but did not give up:-Yes, but what? Thirty-seven days to solve a puzzle.? It does not sound very fast ..?!!
The guys looked at each other and smiled. One of them then proudly said
Listen!- on the cover, it said 3-4 years!