Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why you should vote for Libertarian candidates

Unless you've been living under a rock, or watching CNN (pardon the redundancy), you know that we are going broke. 
Your share of the national debt is approaching $50,000.00
Your share of the promises we've made that we can't keep?  It's somewhere north of $400,000.00.

Libertarian solutions to this problem are supposedly too extreme.  Excessive.  "Out of the mainstream". 

Our national debt grows by $1 million dollars every 24 seconds. 

Can we continue sending our military overseas to defend Germany, Japan, and South Korea?
Can we continue to prop up a public school system that simply does not get results?
Can our government continue claiming to be the best solution to all problems, the cure for all ills, the savior of all who suffer, when it simply cannot accomplish anything more effectively than the private sector? 

I'm sorry, but there is no moderate, mainstream, or painless solution to this problem. 
When you continue voting for Democrats or Republicans, you are postponing misery.  They have proven time and again that they are incapable of showing any reasonable restraint. 

Outside of throwing someone in a cage, the worst infringement on a person's liberty is a crushing debt.  Our government specializes in both. 

The Libertarian Party has a stated goal of providing the smallest government possible.  We want to allow you to get on with your life. 

If the U.S. had been governed by liberty-lovers for the past 20 years, would terrorists be mailing explosives to us?  Lobbyists, maybe, but terrorists would have very little to be pissed off about. 

Would there be any reason for a Drug War like the one currently destroying Mexico if Libertarians wrote our laws?  No way.  Smuggling marijuana into the U.S. would be as profitable as smuggling corn into Iowa. 

Is there any Republican out there who believes that the Republican Party will repeal ObamaCare? 

Is there a Democrat alive who thinks that the Democrat Party, which until next Wednesday controls the Presidency and both houses of Congress, will ever do anything to recognize gay and lesbian marriage? 

The Democrat and Republican party platforms undergo violent changes every four years, depending on which way the wind is blowing.  Their only constants are the desire to retain control and the desire to continue spending your money on their constituents. 

The Libertarian party platform remains the same, for all practical purposes, every year. 

We want to leave you alone.  We want to stop the spending.  Provide some infrastructure, enforce contracts, and do a little refereeing on externalities.  Defend the borders (ours and no one else's).  We believe that if elections matter to you, then your government has gotten too big.  The unpleasantness of next Tuesday should be no more important than selecting a new lawn service, not the most important economic event of the year. 

How much worse are you going to let it get?  We're waiting.

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TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Very well put, sir!