Monday, December 13, 2010

Help make more politicians cry

Go here to witness John Boehner crying on CBS.  Probably because if there are any more boehnks to be boehled out, it will be perceived as his fault.  I couldn't find a YouTube, and the enbed link wouldn't copy.  My apologies. 

Here's some video of Hillary shedding some tears for the folks back home, just to show how much she really cares:

Here's Bill Clinton at Ron Brown's funeral.  Woolgathering and giggling.  Then realizing he's on camera.  Then turning on the waterworks, hitting his mark PERFECTLY ! 

Here's Obama, having programmed his neural interface to display emotion....

And here's Joe Biden, exploiting the deaths in his family to good effect IN THE DEBATES !

Finally, here's Reason magazine, putting out a heartfelt appeal for your dollars.  Not enough politicians are crying.  Can't you give more? 


Anonymous said...

You can cry for a grandmother's death, especially if you were much closer to her than to most people in your family.
The rest are just embarrassing. Either they're phonies and should be exposed for emotional manipulation or they have little emotional self-control and should find (or be given) other work.

Nick Rowe said...

You should post the video of Jimmy Swaggart balling about having sinned. He's not technically a politician, but it's always fun to watch.

I was actually moved by Boehner crying. It was the most sincere emotion I've ever seen in DC. He was overwhelmed with the sense of how far he's come and how proud his father is/would be.

In contrast, Obama's first of three autobiographies was about his own ego masturbation, not about his father's dreams. Also his "outrage" over North Korea's artillery attack, Pelosi's joy over passing bills that don't affect her, and Bill Clinton's disingenuous admission of guilt.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

IMHO, anytime a politician cries with the cameras rolling, unless he's just found out that a family member (or a donor) has died, he's faking it.
Everything you see here is as scripted as a production of Hamlet.

Nick Rowe said...

I generally agree with you.

Remember when Clinton magically found a pile of rocks on rockless Omaha Beach with which he made a cross. And then he stumbled across a little rolled up flag on a grave that he unfurled, set up, and stood to honor. Oh, and then there was the time her "charged over the hill" leading a group of soldiers to sign a bill.

We never hated our Commander-in-Chief as much as we hated him.

Boehner? I don't know. I just happened to be home that day and watched it live. I heard his voice cracking. Tears welled up in his and my eyes. If it was an act, the guy is in the wrong profession.

The remarkable thing about DC actors is how incredibly bad they are at it. Their body language gives them away every time. Obama is the worst. I've got three posts devoted just to his verbalized pauses. He's got the worst poker tells I've ever seen.