Friday, December 17, 2010

It is treason to call Wikileaks treason

Some employers want to know what they are paying their employees to accomplish. 
Others don't, and they tend to go bankrupt. 

Bearing that in mind, my friend John Jay Myers has released the definitive statement on Wikileaks. 

"It Is Treason To Call Wikileaks Treason" by John Jay Myers 

Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; Now get over it.

You might believe some speech might give away national secrets for instance how we prop up puppet dictators in foreign countries, or how we have been training troops who are now turning against us in droves, how we are supplying billions of dollars to countries who supply millions to those who want to attack us, how we back companies that supply men with young boys for sex slaves in Afghanistan. How the leaders of the countries we manipulate are now scared that we aren’t bombing Iran. Surely no one should become privy to this.

Or should they? I am shocked to realize that the American people don’t stand up and say, “Why are we putting in these puppet dictators? Why are we arming and training troops to fight us? Why are we giving billions to those who want to do us harm? Why are we pimping young boys? Why would we want to bomb Iran in the name of Saudi Arabia?

Seems to me we have an Ostrich mentality in America, Americans can choose to have information, or they can go lock step with their favorite news channel and fight for the right to keep their heads buried in the sand.

They say knowledge is power, would we rather cede that power to those who 87% of us are completely dissatisfied with. Do you really believe that in matters of foreign policy this corrupt group of ninnies somehow becomes more competent?

We have to make a choice, do we want to know these things that could save countless lives and restore America as the shining light on the hill, or should we sacrifice our greatness for what may harm a few?

I think all government correspondence that does not involve missile codes, or troop locations should be public, and any government correspondence that isn’t made public should be labeled as treason.

Wikileaks needs to be permanent, I think we should just make all government wires transparent, starting now. Tell all federal employees, “oh... by the way all of your correspondence is public, any correspondence you engage in that is "government business" not made public will be labeled as treason”.

Wikileaks would be the full body scanner for the United States government.

Were you aware that Iran was offering to help in the stabilization of Iraq and the war on terror if we would remove their name as a sponsor of terror? I was not, but thanks to Wikileaks I am .

Maybe we would consider diplomatic above board solutions rather than espionage and corporate sabotage. Maybe we would stop doing backroom deals with mega corporations like Halliburton, Lockheed Martin and BP and start dealing with other countries, their people, and let those people stand up for their own freedom, instead of being inspired to hate us, by our foreign policy of corporatism.

I imagine there is quite a bit of “small stuff”s in the 248,000 yet to be released documents that the media has not sifted through to protect the innocent, which I might add is a procedure that has happened to all 1200 of the pages released so far.

But I don’t sweat the “small stuff”, what concerns mean is the big stuff, the obvious information that reveals our government is lying in regards to how our trillion dollar foreign policy is working out. They are lying to us in regards to the actions we are taking in other countries and even lying to us in regards to whether we are violating the constitution.

If the government is involved with illegal activities than they need to exposed, no matter the cost. Wrong is wrong, and the safety of the people is no excuse for hiding illegal secrets. The more these acts are disclosed, the less likely they will occur in future.

The most disturbing factor about wikileaks is the nature of the attacks from the political class and the media, it should be startling to all of us the lengths those who are supposed to protect us will go in order to maintain a web of lies.

It could be that the most enlightening thing about wikileaks is just how anti-constitutional our leaders have become.

John Jay Myers is a small business owner from Dallas Texas, Vice-Chair of the Dallas County Libertarian Party, and member of the Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of Texas.


Dr Ralph said...

Depressing how in vogue it has become to toss the word "treason" around.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Yes. Depressing. And treasonous.

Anonymous said...

And "Hitleresque", and "Terrorist"... There are an endless number of treasonous labels to go around.