Sunday, January 30, 2011

A call for civility in regards to Barack Obama

Because I still believe in a loving God, and because that stance assumes God wants the best for all of us.... maybe sometime in the next couple of weeks people will have mercy and stop discovering new contradictions in Barack Obama's truly godawful State Of The Union speech from last week. 

That poor little man. 

Go here for the latest one. 

Yes, it was a very, very bad speech, with horrific contradictions and mistakes at its core.  He didn't mean any of it, and no one in Congress took it seriously. 

So please, people, just leave it alone.  It was a horrible speech.  Leave him alone.  We only have two more years of this man.  Just two more years until he'll be replaced by a Republican who will use similar methods to do things that will probably be even worse.   

To continue picking at this foolish little goober when he opens his mouth is like pointing out the narrative impossibilities between the plots of Psycho (1960)  Psycho II (1983), Psycho III (1986), and Psycho IV: The Beginning (1990). 
No, they don't all hang together very well. 
They're not supposed to.  Norman Bates' mother and aunt and doctor couldn't all be the villain.  Norman couldn't possibly have a semi-hot girlfriend in the sequels. Not if he had really killed and taxidermied Mom in Psycho I. 
These movies were designed to take your money, get you into the theatre, and tell you an escapist story about a familiar group of characters.  Give you a couple of hours of fantasy and thrills.  That's all. 

No matter how entertaining and thrilling some of us might find Obama's speaking style to be, we can't shrink the government by expanding it.  We can't end pork by "investing" in more of it.  We can't change education by making sure it stays the same.  We can't decrease the regulatory burden on businesses by making more rules. 

Consistency and logic are not the point of Obama's teleprompter readings. 

Everyone knows this by now, so please stop pointing it out.  At this point, Barack Obama is like the guy who walks around with his pants unzipped and who does nothing about it, no matter how many people tell him to XYZ (eXamine Your Zipper). 
After a while, you have to assume that he likes it that way.

From now one, let's at least be civil about it. 

The picture of Obama as Pinocchio, which contradicts everything I just finished typing, came from The Militant Libertarian. 

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