Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black woman convicted of trying to get her children into a White school

The All Mediany website has uncovered a freakin' outrage.  Colored people are using false addresses to get their kids out of the ghetto and into OUR public schools. 

Kelley Williams-Bolar of Akron, Ohio, was convicted with a felony for using her father’s address to send her daughters to a different school district than the one her children were zoned for.

Whoever wrote this piece for All Mediany sounds kind of outraged, but that's the way our government schools are supposed to work.  You are born into a "zone", and if you can't get by with the crappy education provided in your zone, you die in that zone, surrounded by your own kind.  Deal with it. 

Four years ago Williams-Bolar decided to use her father’s address, where she lives part-time, to enroll her daughters in a top-performing school in the Copley-Fairlawn School District. Upon discovery of her alleged fraud, the school district accused Williams-Bolar of lying about her address and falsifying official documents. The school district hired a private investigator to follow Williams-Bolar driving her daughters from their home to the school.

Hiring a private detective to follow this lady around might sound like overkill, but think about it.... Do you really want colored people in YOUR public school?  What would happen to our segregated enclaves if the government issued some vouchers that let people go to school where they wanted to go to school?  Why, the system would crumble !  Our cities would stop creating White Flight Suburbs.  Minority kids might be able to compete with our kids.  Underperforming public schools, which create hundreds of thousands of jobs for goverment employees, would be shut down ! 
(Thank God that Barack Obama will never ever let anything like this happen.)

School officials were angered that her daughter received a quality education without paying the taxes needed to fund it. Despite William-Bolar's father living in the neighborhood in question, the district is asking her to pay back the estimated $30,000 it cost to educate her daughters.

And if "Williams-Bolar" (don't you love her pretentious little hyphen in there?) can't pay back the $30,000.00 to the white citizens of that school district, she should be put to work as a household domestic.  Too bad Ohio doesn't have any cotton fields to throw her into. 

The court sentenced Williams-Bolar to 10 days in jail, 80 hours of community service, and three years of probation. Presiding Judge Patricia Cosgrove made it clear that she was using Williams-Bolar as an example.

“I felt that some punishment or deterrent was needed for other individuals who might think to defraud the various school districts,” she said.

Williams-Bolar, a teacher’s assistant, is working toward a teaching degree and has only one semester left to finish. As a convicted felon, she will face great difficulty getting a job as a teacher. Felons can't receive any government assistance - including financial aid for education -, they can't vote, and they are required by law to inform prospective employers of their felony.

Sheesh....  What are the black folks going to want next?  Freedom of movement?  Let's hope they got the message that Uncle Sam has sent.  Stay in your "place", keep voting for Democrats, and for God's sake, don't support school vouchers. 


Anonymous said...

Felons can't receive any government assistance - including financial aid for education -, they can't vote, and they are required by law to inform prospective employers of their felony.

Then how do you explain Obama's position? Not to mention the rest of the thugs in the District of Corruption.

Nick Rowe said...

I still can't figure out where I am on this.

On the one hand, I support school privatization or vouchers, allowing her to send her children wherever she wants. It's highly commendable she chose to get her children away from their crappy surroundings.

On the other hand, she broke the law. If every parent did what she did, then the popular public school would be swamped with applicants, and kids who are truly local residents would either be forced out or have the quality of their education diminished.

Unless and until we do the right thing and privatize education, then publicly-provided goods must be rationed. She knowingly and willfully broke the law. She had an alternative - move to a better school district. If that had been a private school, they could have set arbitrary rules on residency which excluded her too.

I vote for conviction. But for being a model demonstrator of the piss-poor public education system, I'd give her a freedom award. I'd also donate $100 for her kids' education, except for the fact that every other person in the country who similarly broke the law would be no less entitled to my admiration and support. She has the blessing and curse of getting caught and gaining notoriety. She also has the benefit of being black, otherwise this story wouldn't be very interesting.

As far as the private investigator goes, there's no problem with that either. If the school has residency requirements and they have a reason to doubt residency, following someone home and observing their actions in plain view is not an invasion of their privacy.

Just yesterday, I was in a debate with a college professor about out-of-state tuition. My view is that out-of-state tuition is illegal price discrimination. Unlike primary education, universities get the vast majority of their funding from tuition, not public sources. Therefore the taxpayer-funded argument is flimsy.

The Constitution also says that residents of a state are citizens of the state. Simply by moving to another state, you become an in-state resident (if you declare it your permanent home). Making someone sit around for a year to gain in-state residency is a ridiculous waste of time for both parties.

A California resident who attends a California university is not bound to remain in the state with his newly minted skills. On the other hand, a Nebraskan who attends a California university might remain in California the remainder of their life. So a state school isn't guaranteed to retain the talent they supported.

There's no economic or social argument for charging American citizens from different states different tuition rates. It amounts to a tax on the export of education to another state which is illegal under the Constitution.

Now, schools can certainly charge foreigners higher tuition. Universities receive a lot of national funding, and foreigners pay no US taxes of any kind. Ironically, illegal immigrants in California are allowed to pay in-state tuition, but a Texan would have to pay out-of-state tuition.

There's also no reason to charge different majors the same tuition rates. Tuition should be determined by supply and demand factors.

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The Whited Sepulchre said...

Thanks for the confusing comment.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment. But you seem to think that destroying the current system is a bad thing.

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Nick Rowe said...

Oh, no, I think destroying the current system is a good thing without hesitation or regret.

I just think that while we're part of that system we shouldn't have total chaos. Transition should be orderly and have broad consensus.