Saturday, January 1, 2011

Predictions for 2011

1) The economy will not rebound.  The reason?  Barack Obama is still too "deep and cerebral" to effectively communicate the brilliance of his policies to the rest of us knuckle-dragging dolts. 

2) The Dallas Cowboys will be a disappointment. 

3) The Republicans will not repeal ObamaCare.  They won't even send a repeal through Congress for Obama to veto.  The fix is in.  (Oh, and the list of politically connected corporations and unions getting exemptions will continue to grow.)

4) Speaking of Republicans, 2011's federal spending will be higher than 2010's. 

5) It's going to be cold.  Very cold.  This won't alter the plans of the carbon emissions regulators, since everything - cold, warm, freezing, snow, drought, alien invasions - all are proof of warming.  And it is your fault. 

6) There will be a truly massive televangelist scandal.  I have no idea who it'll be, but we're due for one.   

7) The Republicans won't ban earmarks. 

8) More and more juries will decline to convict people for marijuana possession.  This is a good thing.   

9) We will continue sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to search for WMD's.  (That was the original rationale, wasn't it?  I can't remember....) 

10) Anyone proposing a rational solution to any government problem will be portrayed in the Lamestream Media as "outside the mainstream" or "extremist". 

11) This blog will get One Freakin' Million page views without changing anyone's mind about anything.  But I'll feel better about getting this stuff out of my system.  2010 was a pretty good year for this little project....

Here's Charlie Robison's "New Year's Day", the best New Year's song ever written to include a verse about Mexican Border Transvestite Prostitutes. 

Happy New Year ! 


Simon Cooke said...

Happy New Year - trust it's a good one. Told my wife (who was a director of a top academic publisher) about the Perez thing - her speechlessness at the weapons grade stupidity was a joy to behold. We spent half an hour trying - and failing - to find any possbile rationale.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

It is wonderful to hear from you again.
Please excuse me if I don't give you proper credit every time if I start using the phrase "weapons grade stupidity" for the rest of my life.

Stay warm !