Thursday, February 24, 2011

I think we need some more calls for Civility

From Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit:

The activist is Tabitha Hale, whom Helen interviewed at SmartGirlPolitics a couple of years ago. And you’d think someone from the Communications Workers’ union would know better than to strike someone with a camera. But take a look at the video and you’ll see the angry, yet impotent face of today’s labor movement — right before the punch.

And some commentary from Jim Treacher on the incident.  The reference to "get a little bloody" is a reference to this Bozo who apparently missed The Teleprompter's speech:

This violent creep is with the Communications Workers of America, one of the groups that protested in front of FreedomWorks today, where Tabitha works.
“Get a little bloody.” “Take ‘em down.” Assault a young woman who’s doing nothing but videotaping you. All part of the New Tone.

I know Tabitha. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m sick of this crap. We get months of “Teabaggers are violent” — hell, years — when in reality, Tea Partiers have been the recipients of violence. Meanwhile, these union guys are ratcheting up the violent rhetoric and now actually assaulting people in broad daylight. Come on, somebody defend this violent jackass. I dare you.

Here's a pic of Tabitha Hale, the girl that he hit. 


Nixon is Lord said...

Men who hit girls (who haven't tried to hit/hurt them, obviously) are a**holes. Total p*ssies.
"Don't hit girls!" is rule #1.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

#2 is "Don't protest against budget cuts if your only argument is 'I want more of other people's stuff'".