Monday, February 21, 2011

Please let me know if I've gotten this wrong

Ok, lemme get this straight....

In the Middle East, groups of unemployed citizens are protesting against the decisions of their governments and government employees. 

In Wisconsin, government employees with above-average pay, cadillac benefits, tenure, and employment in a near-monopoly are protesting against the decisions of the citizens who employ them.   

Are people forgetting who is the employer and who is the employee? 

Would you agree to this kind of negotiation if you wanted to hire a new lawn service?  Plumber?  Babysitter? 

When a Statist union leader sits down at the table to "negotiate" with some state government employee over salaries and benefits, which side do you think represents your interests? 


Mike Coyne said...

So...They guy that wrote that sign, is he a teacher? Because that sign has all sorts of improper grammar especially in the use of quotations.

Nick Rowe said...

When asked how they believe their pay and benefits are sustainable, their suggestion is to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

One Wisconsin teacher suggested we return to the 70% top marginal tax rates of the FDR administration.

It's amazing how their discussion of "rights" involves redistribution of other people's property to them, for no reason other than the fact that they demand it.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Are people forgetting who is the employer and who is the employee?"


Dr Ralph said...

...and like it or not, employees have rights.

Even you, union-hating, free market-loving WS, have rights as an employee. And quite a few of them you enjoy because of the efforts of organized labor, friend.

Simon Cooke said...

Here in sunny Bradford our Labour led council pays out over £300,000 on the wages of full-time union officials! This is on top of the requirement to give time off to others for 'union duties'.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I agree with you totally. But in this case, which side do you think has been representing the taxpayer at the negotiating table for the last 30 years? Anybody? Anybody at all?