Friday, August 19, 2011

The Comedy Genius of Charlie Delta !!!!!!!!

My California friend Charlie Delta has written a blog post in which our political situation pushes me over the edge. 
Stolen Forklifts in heavy traffic are involved. 
Shiner beer is involved. 
I'm not going to tell you how much of this might be true.
Here's the video that inspired Charlie Delta's story.  It takes a few seconds to get started.  Be patient.  This thing is worth it.  Let this be the soundtrack for what you're about to enjoy....

I've been around the world twice.  I've been to China five times.   I've been Employee Of The Year at two different companies.  I'm the father of my daughter. 
I don't know that any of that is better than this.  Hit the link and enjoy the pure comedy gold of Charlie Delta ! 


CharlieDelta said...

ROTFLMAO! Right on man. You could definitely say that I was still three sheets to the wind when I got to work that morning and posted it. The night before was a late one and the booze was flowin' like BS from Obama's mouth. Luckily the boss was gone for a couple hours and I could take my time and have fun with it while nursing my hangover. You have no idea how much I was crackin' myself up while I was fabricating more and more. I'm no comedy genius though, but thanks, and I'm glad you found it funny. After a couple days went by with no comment from you I was a little worried. I was thinking that either I pissed you off, or you were going to serve me a cold plate of revenge somewhere down the line. LOL!

I don't know what it was brother, but something lit a fire under my ass that morning to get creative. My brain works in weird was sometimes. Good, but weird. Happy Friday!

Oh, and the next time you pound a bunch of brews and decide to steal a forklift, do me a favor... CALL ME! I want to help! That looks fun!


The Whited Sepulchre said...

I woke up this morning laughing about that. Still laughing.
Get back to Texas soon !!!