Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I want to sell muffins

I want to get out of shipping, warehousing and logistics. 
I want to get into muffins. 
Yes, muffins

Muffins create jobs.  They stimulate the economy.  I can dye them green in order to help fight Global Warming.  Whatever it takes, I want to sell muffins to those clowns. 
Yes, muffins. 


Harper said...

And I get all excited when we get the Jason's Deli box lunch.

I've got some great muffin recipes. You have the logistics connections. We could go global and rip off governments more flush than our own.

Stephen M. Smith said...

All of this talk of deficit reduction plans is for naught unless someone has the political courage to tackle the snack budget.

Nick said...

Those look like cupcakes.

Cupcakes are selling like hotcakes all over the country. People line up for hours to buy....cupcakes....
which they could make themselves in less time from a box of Betty Crocker, and they probably couldn't tell the difference.

In fact, I'm sure Betty has spent more money on R&D figuring out how to make the perfect cupcake than any Boutique Cupcake factory in the country.

I'll make cupcakes and sell them for $16 apiece. Retirement is in the bag... or box.