Saturday, September 24, 2011

If you really want to be ruled....

From an excellent comment on Libertarian Reddit, in response to "who will protect us from evil corporations if we don't have a massive government?"

Here are a few "corporate overlords"

•Bill Gates (Microsoft)

•Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

•Richard Branson (Virgin)

•Alan Mulally (Ford)

•Steve Jobs (Apple)

How do you see this group compared to politicians of the same era (selected at random)?

•Bill Clinton

•George (W. or H.W.) Bush

•Dick Cheney

•Donald Rumsfeld

•Janet Reno

•Chuck Schumer

•Dick Armey

One group are productive, imaginative, innovative people who made billions serving others by producing products people actually wanted. The other group is dominated by paternalistic, officious narcissists who are remembered most for what they did through the arbitrary deployment of force, whether anyone wanted it or not.

You bet your bottom dollar I'd rather be "ruled by corporate overlords"!  They rule -- or more accurately, they are ruled -- by the daily democracy of the marketplace. Politicians rule by the barrel of a gun.

Well said, sir. 

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