Thursday, September 8, 2011

A reminder for all Human Resource and Personnel Managers

Are you prepared to hire millions of people tomorrow?  Barack Obama's Jobs Speech will be read live from the teleprompter tonight, and millions of new workers are going to be required at your companies to meet the pent-up customer demand for your goods and services following this essay by a community organizer. 

Or it could be that consumers are going to be scared shitless again by the prospect of having to come up with, say, another 300 billion dollars to finance these boondoggles.  In that case, never mind. 

 The "Are You Ready" poster came from here

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Nick said...

Tonight's speech should be an apology and his resignation.

This is what we get for electing one of the least experienced presidents in our history. We should have known he wasn't equal to the task of any duty of the presidency to include things as simple as greeting foreign leaders.

Millions of democrats will be weeping tonight, wishing they had voted instead for Hillary...or even McCain. Set your DVR, because tonight will surpass Carter's "malaise" speech as the most pathetic appeal ever delivered by a president.

Be kind to your liver and don't vow to drink every time he blames Bush, anyone else, or claims it was worse than he thought. Don't drink for every job he claims to have created or saved. Don't drink when he talks about the Depression we avoided.